Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Warrior Wednesdays: Sending the Fire

The god  Baal was shaped like a bull and represented strength and fertility and reflecting lust for power and sexual pleasure. This religion was endorsed by the King and Queen of the time supporting all those who followed Baal and persecuting those who went against Baal. In our day in age people may not worship a statue name Baal, but they do worship what Baal represented. Today people worship, money, power, status, sexual desires, appearance, and material possessions. These gods are supported by our nation they represent the "American Dream". While it is important to have aspirations it is equally important not to devote our lives to acquiring these things because they can become gods in our lives.

Elijah challenged the people to take a stand and follow who ever was the real God. He went against 850 of Baal's prophets by himself with the power of God. Like Elijah it is important that we take a stand about who the real God is. It may seem like we are few in numbers going against the masses,  but remember we have the power of the almighty God and if God before us who can be against us. If Elijah challenged 850 of Baal's prophets we too can challenge those who go against God.

Baal's prophets cried, cut themselves, and even threw themselves on the altar in an effort to have their god Baal respond with fire, however he never answered because he was not God. After a whole afternoon of Baal's prophets seeking desperately for a response and not getting one it was Elijah's turn. He prepared an altar, made a sacrifice, poured water over the altar 3 times, and he prayed a simple prayer that God would show the people that he was the real God. God answered his prayer by sending fire from heaven. During a time of crisis money, power, and status will fail. They can offer no answers, guidance, or wisdom. Only the one true God is able to deliver us from a crisis. It is important to keep him as the God of our lives. 

Stay Blessed and Continue Warring for Christ!
Warrior Wednesday: Brittney

There is a wonderful song by Eddie James entitled "Sending the Fire" The lyrics and video are below.

There was an old prophet who dared to take a stand
For the prophets of Baal desecrated thier land
sleeping with the enemy while falling to idolarty
God's chosen people forgot who they were called to be
So Elijah said, "If Baal be God, then follow him
But if the Lord, if He be God Then follow him.

I'm sending the fire,
I'm sending the flame.
I hear the sound of the abundance of rain,
For those who would dare to call on my name.
I'm sending the fire,
I'm sending the fire.

So Elijah said, "Now I've had enough
I'm tired of you messing with God's holy stuff
So let's build an altar, prepare a sacrifice
We're gonna see who is God
We're going to see who's the Christ
And the God who answers by fire let Him be God
I said, that the God who answers by fire 
Let Him be God.

Now just like the prophets of Baal way back then
This generation has fallen into the same kind of sin
The money god, the lust god, the god called religion
Allah, Hindu, Buddha, New Age
We can't make a decision
But the God who answers by fire
Let Him be God
I said, that the God who answers by fire 
Let him be God.

There's an Elijah generation that's rising in this hour
forerunners for Jesus filled with glory with power
Voices in the wilderness preparing the way
This is the generation that is seeking my face
for I am the God who answers by fire,
I am your God.
I am the God who answers by fire,
I am your God.

Fire, fire.
We need the Holy Ghost.
We need the Holy Ghost.

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