Testimonies: Share Your Blessings


  1. Just want to thank God for this wonderful blog and for all the young adults who have given their time to encourage others through their writing. Recently, my niece visited the site and has been faithfully reading the bible and reviewing the blogs. She was so impressed by this blog that she encouraged her friends and family to join in. What a wonderful, connective experience that our entire family will be reading the word together for the year and receiving encouragement from the writings on this blog. Thank you again for listening to the voice of the Lord.

  2. Thank you for sharing your testimony and your kind words! When we decided to begin this blog we were a bit apprehensive. But we knew that because we took a step out on faith and decided to do something to glorify god, it would be blessed. It is amazing to hear that your niece enouraged your whole family and that you all are on this journey with us! We pray that God blesses your family and gives you insight while you read daily. Again, thank you! And please continue to read along with us and share our blog with others :)

  3. From late August 2011 to all of 2012 I was without transportation to work. So I had to walk an hour to get there and a hour back. I was on second shift until mid may when I was promoted to Supervisor to then work first shift. I then had to walk at 5:30 am. While walking to work I always listened to Godly music for motivation, I always prayed on way there as the journey was too big for me. I remember one specific night while on second shift it was cold afer 11pm, my body was exhausted I was a half hour from home and my savings account was growing slowly, my thoughts were everyone I know is sleep and has no idea what I'm going through. Also that they can't help me so I fell down on my knees and cried to God. Yes tears fell I said God I am no Abraham or Moeses this trial requires greater faith its too much for me. As soon as I prayed that, a voice I cant explain where, but "I heard thats why your here, your faith needs to grow" after hearing this I was in shock, the voice was God and he was right, I wiped my eyes and as I continued to walk pain left my body and the thoughts of no one cares about me left, I left in peace. My testimony is all of 2012 was a valley or tough time and the car isn't the miracle yet the fact that I made it to work all year and did not quit the job or God is the miracle. Every day at 5 am I was tired yet God gave me strength and energy as soon as I got out of bed. I want to encourage anyone going through a tough time God is still there, just go and he will go with you.
    "Yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, THOU art with me"
    Psalms 23

    1. Wow this just made me cry. It's so weird hearing what other people are going through. More importantly it made me realize the different strengths that God has given all of us. Your strength is not my strength and your struggles are not my struggles. I think that God, (during your struggle) called you "as just a time for this." Reading your story made me see how strong you were all along but because you were going through it, you couldn't see your strength on the outside. Yea cars are great, but learning to be humble, praying without ceasing, having God protect you, and also being chosen by God for your struggles...now that's GREAT!!! I think God has chosen you during your struggle then and you're still chosen now. Thank you for sharing your testimony...I needed this motivation today! Please let God continue to bless you all and this blog. It has truly blessed my life since January 1st :)

  4. I just have to share this testimony. So this past semester I was in my final semester doing student teaching. But, because of a faulty on my part, I had to repeat student teaching next semester. I was really bummed out about it. But, people kept telling me, "Oh something good will come out of this." And I kept telling myself "You learned something out of this." But, the feelings of failure kept creeping in. After a while, God worked on my self criticalness and how others felt about me. The fact that I'm sharing is God's work in motion. So, I'm looking it as a rewarding experience and just some more practice for the field. But, this all meant that I would have to take another semester at Rider. Then, they allowed me to walk and I was really grateful for that. Then, thoughts came in my mind like how am I going to pay for another semester. And I prayed like God how is it going to work out. Money is going to be really low in the fall and all these other questions popped in my brain. But, I kept praying and allowing God to handle it. Then, last week, I emailed the director asking her what was going to happen since she said she would handle my registration and what not. And I emailed her asking her when was it going to happen because I need to figure out finances for the semester. Then, on Friday, I was listening to choir songs and the song "Jesus Will" came on. I happened to check my email and the director emailed me back saying that because I received an "L" for the class, I didn't have to pay for the semester. So, this upcoming semester, Jesus paid. And I just want to encourage everyone that no matter what you are going through and no matter how things look, just know that Jesus WILL!!! Jesus will step in on your behalf!! If He's done it before, then there should be no doubt in your mind that He will do it again. Be blessed and love y'all!!

    Here is the song that was playing that same day!!