Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Warrior Wednesdays: The Keys to Blessings

Do you need a miracle? (Don't we all) If your answer is yes today's bible reading will show you how to be blessed of God. God can work with anything that you have to offer him. Many times we feel as though we have nothing to offer God. Maybe you are not the greatest singer, or perhaps you do not have a great deal of money, but maybe you are a wonderful baker. God has the power to turn that talent into a million dollar business if you allow him. God is able to bless even the little that you have to offer him. The key to being blessed is Faith and Obedience.

In 2 Kings 4 we are introduced to a woman who is desperate. Her husband has recently passed away and left the family in debt. Now a debt collector was going to take her two sons and force them to work until they paid off the debt. She needed a major miracle from God and the only thing she had in her house was 1 pot of oil. 

Elisha told her to "...borrow thee vessels abroad of thy neighbors...borrow not a few."  The woman and her sons gathered jars from all over their neighborhood and poured oil from the 1 pot she had in her house. The oil did not stop flowing until she ran out of jars. Once she had all of the jars filled Elisha told her to sell the oil and pay the debt, and live with her children at rest. Although , the bible does not say how many jars she collected or how much money she made I imagine in must have been a great deal of money. She was able to completely pay off her debt and live with her two sons at rest. At rest implies no struggle and peace. Therefore, she must made enough money to never have to work again and enjoy a comfortable lifestyle. 

The number of jars they gathered was an indication of their faith. God provided as much as their willingness to obey. They could have had a negative attitude when Elisha told them to gather jars from their neighbors, remember he did not tell them what they were going to do with those jars. They could have thought the idea was stupid, and a waste of time or they could have been embarrassed to ask people for jars. When we are instructed to do something by God or the man/woman of God it is important to do it despite how we may feel.  We can limit God's blessings by a lack of faith and lack of obedience. God is able and wants to do more than we ask or think!

Stay Blessed and Continue Warring for Christ!
Warrior Wednesday: Brittney

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