Friday, July 12, 2013

Friday Fellowship: Prayer Changes Things

1 Kings Chapter 13 a man of God prays for a King whose hand was withered and after the prayer God restored his hand. When you are a child of God, a servant of God you are privileged to have access to the unimaginable, limitless, astronomical and divine power of God.

If prayer changes things and give us access to a limitless God, then why is it tough to pray? 

Prayer takes faith, praying to an invisible God and believing an INVISIBLE GOD would make VISIBLE the answer to your prayers is against human logic. This is the reason we must read God’s word to diffuse earthly wisdom and step into God’s wisdom.

I personally could not pray when I first began on this journey with God.  My prayers changed after I was counseled to learn about God through the bible.  The way I approached God in prayer, asked God of things and seen God answer my prayers were a direct result of studying the bible. Praying with the knowledge of God makes our prayers that much more impactful allowing us to experience more of God’s intervention in our lives.

Most people don’t ask for things from people they don’t know, nor do they spend time with people they don’t know. Prayer is simply a time with God, whom you know through his word, the Bible.

If you want to enhance your prayers, read the Bible. If you want to know God better and have a better relationship with him, read your Bible. If you need guidance in your life, read your Bible.  Last week I mentioned that God guided me through obedience which I learned to do through Bible. This story in Kings 13 repeats the same message as God guided the man through the requiring of obedience. The man ended up being deceived by not following God’s word. 

The Bible says God will help us in an innumerable amount of ways. It says God speaks, leads, guides and shows his people a life of abundance, peace, blessings and fulfillment. We know and learn of these things through the relationship we have with God. It is time to get more acquainted with God.  Develop a better relationship with God by reading your bible and watch how your prayers change things.

John 1:1
“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”

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