Monday, October 6, 2014

Weekly Devotional: What is that in You??

What is that in YOU??

Have you ever received anything and not understand its benefits or relevance until time has passed? Maybe if we reflect on our childhood we can. Maybe there were valuable items passed down, lessons or some financial accounts.  Sometimes we can have something of great value but not realize until our maturation or level of understanding is attained. This is exactly what God's Holy Spirit was to me. I received God's gift at age 7, but it wasn't until I was 22 that I understood what I received. Today's devotional is purposed to share some understanding God shined on me about the HS (Holy Spirit), maybe you can relate to my ignorance.

What is the Holy Spirit? 
This spirit is a gift from God that allows a more intimate relationship with him. It gives you a new heavenly prayer language and is evident through speaking in other tongues. It is a guide, help, comforter and teacher. It will bring things to your remembrance. It is a spirit of truth, it glorifies God and it intercedes on your behalf.

Can the Holy Spirit help?

Yes absolutely!! I recall a time where I was working a job that was demoralizing, physically draining and I had felt God forsaken. I finally made a commitment to God through prayer and reading his word, yet there I was. I was extremely tired from the physical labor, I didn’t have any lunch or food and I felt horrible. I was the only young person in the crew working a temporary 2 week job. My emotions caused an isolation in me. Such as when your with a lot of people, yet you feel alone. It was in this place, this daze when I was working with another guy, putting together a fixture. The guy was on the ladder 6 feet above with heavy pipes, and I was on the floor below. Definently a work violation, yet we been working in this manner for an hour and suddenly I heard "Move back". Immediately I moved back and a few large, THICK PIPES came crashing down. That would’ve been the worst headache of my life. But more importantly it was the HS that warned me. On my break I had tears of joy because God had showed he cared. One of the verses in my memory that day was cast your cares on him, because he cares. And he did.

       In another trial, I was without a car and had to walk to work. I cried to God for understanding praying: “I'm no Abraham, Moses, and this trial requires greater faith!!” The HS spoke to my anguish in a direct piercing way, " This is why your here, your faith needs to rise." The truth settled my emotions and I received strength to press on. The HS has God’s plans, agenda and purpose. In James it says ask of God in faith and he will tell you. God wants the best for us and it sometimes requires a trial to reveal or bring about change.
Another instance I learned of the HS’s help was at a Friday service. I was praying and my spirit began to speak. I was trying to silence the spirit, because my peers were near me. But the spirit became boisterous praying through me. At first I was fearful wondering how I'd be viewed then, the HS, the reminder came. I was reminded of all the things God has done for me, in just that year. And I began to sing and pray in my mind because the spirit had my mouth. I felt free from the oppression of fear and Gods peace rested on me. Also, in another prayer meeting I wasn't feeling good. And God showed up, people all around me began praying in the spirit. I was not, and I simply asked the HS to pray. And it did not take long as it began to speak through me. There are times where we just don’t understand or in a place where it is too much. The HS is an aide, its job is to help us pray.

Lastly, there's was a season in my life where I was waiting on God. While waiting I got frustrated and my faith began to waver. In prayer while I was praying the spirit interrupted me and began to pray. I began making a different noise I had never heard before. So hearing myself make these noises I became upset because I felt I looked ridiculous and wanted to pray for my pressing needs. So I attempted to stop, but the sounds out my mouth became more intense. Soon my body had lost control and from my standing position I was now kneeling. With my forehead pressed to the floor moments later I heard "
This is my spirit". And that was the last time I questioned the sound of the spirit. When the spirit is praying it is praying on our behalf. Bible says to pray with it, sing with it and glorify God with it. Through most of these examples, pride was restricting me, causing fear and withholding me from the presence of God. This last experience was about God humbling me, humbling the image I sought to protect and with humility you welcome in A GREAT LOVE. A love that disregards sins, ignorance, PRIDE and disinterest.

Familiarize yourself with Holy Spirit
 In our prayer time sometimes we should practice silence in order to listen. After reading, sometimes just meditate on the word, allow the teacher (HS) to come. I often remind myself to give room to hear through these exercises. I can get caught up in praying and reading without providing room to listen. Speak to the spirit, ask for his guidance and help. Learn his voice. In my experience when the spirit speaks it is direct or straight. It is swift, sudden and something unavoidable and unblockable. It's hard to describe where it comes from because it’s not derived from our senses. It is spiritual and can only be received from our spirit. God's spirit within us speak to our spirit. Often people are confused whether they heard from their mind or was it just their thinking. Great way to check is whether or not it aligns with the word. And it also pays to know how you think. I know when something has arrived to my mind that is not my thinking. Or I know when something has arrived that is God because it challenges my ways that are not his ways. Then I know it’s the HS when I feel pulled to do something that is in my eyes insignificant. The more we familiarize ourselves with the spirit the more we will understand all its benefits. 

1 Corinthians 14:20
Dear brothers and sisters, don't be childish in your understanding of these things. Be innocent as babies when it comes to evil, but be mature in understanding matters of this kind.

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