Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Transforming Tuesday: You Are God's Legacy

Do you ever think about the legacy that you'll leave here on Earth? I know many times we should not care about what happens here on Earth after we're gone, but sometimes I think God makes those exceptions. Legacy was present in today's reading in 2 Timothy. Paul praised God because that's what was passed down from generation to generation. Praise and thanksgiving eventually found a resting place in Paul. If you had to answer today, what would your legacy be? (And if it doesn't include God at the center, it will not be a legacy...just an fyi). YOU ARE GOD'S LEGACY!!!

Legacy is defined as a thing handed down from predecessor; money or property in someone's will. However, for the purposes of today's reading, money is irrelevant. So what property would you consider passing down? Today's reading revealed to me that just like Paul, my legacy has to consist of a spiritual praise. That's it--I want to leave a legacy of spiritual praise!!! That means encouraging those who come after me to keep God first, to continue to develop their gifts in The Lord, and to hunger and thirst after him. My dad often has talks to me about legacy and what I'll inherit from him. My dad also teaches me that I am blessed because of who my parents of and I truly believe that. Blessings and favor flows from generation to generation; it is a product of legacy. YOU ARE GOD'S LEGACY!!!

My legacy of spiritual praise will understand that my help comes from The Lord as Psalms 121 states. God is truly my rock, whether it be through the good times and the bad times. And it is through the promises bestowed upon my legacy that God will protect us and make them safe. Unfortunately, my father is ill and the rest is up to God. I just pray that our talks about legacies and promises continue to motivate me to be all that I can be. He tells me continuously that "parents stumble so that their children can walk upright." For me, that is everything that a legacy encompasses. So again, on the path of building a legacy of praise, I will continue to understand and accept where my help comes from. YOU ARE GOD'S LEGACY!!!!

Dear Lord,
We pray that you continue to bless us, keep us, love us, and ultimately save us. We ask that you continue to allow bless us through our legacies. Lord we ask that your promises to us individually will manifest themselves through our children, our children's children, and their children, and so forth. Lord we know that you will keep us on the path of a legacy of spiritual praise. And Lord last but no least, Lord we ask that you continue to guide and protect us all the days of our lives. We love you and we honor your name because we are your legacy. Amen. 


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