Tuesday, November 12, 2013

TRANSFORMING TUESDAY: Blessed Are They That...

A BLESSING is defined as:

  • The act of invoking divine protection or aid
  • A short prayer of thanksgiving before or after a meal; grace
  • Approval; good wishes
  • The bestowal of a divine gift or favor
  • A happy event or state of affairs
There are so many people, places, and things in life that confirm that we are truly blessed. We can look at the sun and moon to know that we are blessed. If you can see both of them, then that is a sign that you can see. Can you imagine life without sight? I can't but there are people who live without sight everyday. I can turn on the news and understand that I am truly blessed. The news in itself is extremely depressing. I don't know when the last time I was able to turn on the news and see something positive. Just last night, I saw a news report of a young male who shot 2 people over a jacket that he wanted. Some people may look at that as pure stupidity, but the reality is that people have seriously lost their conscience. They have zero emotional connections with other people because there have been disconnect in the homes and in society at large. The point is, you have to understand that you are truly blessed because you are not a victim.

The Bible says in Psalms 128, that those who fear the Lord are blessed. This is true!!! My mom always used to tell me that the only person I should fear was God ( I feared her too when I got in trouble lol). I fear God because this same life that he gave me can and will be taken away. I fear God because he provides for me. I fear God because he is the author and finisher of my life. I fear God because he protects me. I fear God because I do not lean on my own understanding. I fear God because without him I am nothing and with him I am everything. Because I fear him, I am blessed.

Last Wednesday, my father unfortunately passed away. That day and his burial have been the hardest days of my life. Just getting through everyday was and has been a struggle. I've been praying for answers and before his death I had been praying for healing. God didn't give me that. Initially I was upset because I thought that God loved me enough to answer my prayers and everyone who prayed for my father. However, as the days have passed God has given me the clarity and guidance that I have needed to reveal certain things to me. Yes my father (who was my friend, my counselor, my heart, my provider, my protector, who was truly a gift from God) has passed but in the midst of the heartache I am still blessed. I don't fear God any less, and I don't doubt him. I am blessed because I am still living, I still have a mother, my family has grown closer, and prior to my father's death I was able to tell him everything that I wanted to tell him. I was able to express my love, I was able to tell him how important he was to me, and I was able to tell him all of things that I would accomplish because of him. And in return, I was able to know how much my father loved/still loves me. 


I am blessed because death is unexpected and so many times people don't have those moments to express to their loved ones what they want them to know. You can't get time back, but God blessed me with that time to do just that. This isn't to say that I am not going to miss my daddy, but it is to say that even in the midst of this chaos I am blessed beyond words. And more importantly, his life/presence was and still is a blessing. Thank you God for blessing me! So whenever you can't find something to be thankful for, look around and recognize how blessed you truly are in comparison to others. Your parents may drive you crazy but at least you still have them. Siblings are annoying but you still have them. Bills keep piling up but you have the income and means to pay them. School is draining but at least you have been afforded the opportunity. Blessings come but they also go. As long as you fear God, whenever those blessings go there will be more to follow.

Lord we ask today that you remind us of how blessed we are. We also ask that you keep those blessings flowing because we do fear you. We ask that when we feel the weight of the world is too much we ask that you carry those burdens for us. And lastly we want to thank you for those blessings both seen and unseen. You are amazing beyond words and we love you.


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