Sunday, November 3, 2013

Salvation Sunday: It's Your Time to Shine!!!

The reading in Jeremiah really got me today. In Jeremiah 1, God speaks to Jeremiah and gives him his assignment. But, like a lot of us, he started to give excuses to God of why he shouldn't have it. Jeremiah said things like I'm just a child. And was giving excuses of why he thought he wasn't good enough. He was giving excuses of why he thought he wasn't qualified  for the task. But, God said I will put the words in your mouth. God was saying don't worry about what you are not able to do because I will take care of the rest. Don't worry if you are scared to speak in front of others, I will speak for you. I just need you to be a willing vessel. All God wants is a willing vessel who will do His work. He doesn't need perfect, He just needs willing. I think this is awesome that God can use anyone. Its awesome that God qualifies the unqualified and uses the ones that are far from perfect. If God has called you to do something, don't worry about what you are lacking. Don't worry about your flaws. Just trust God and don't waste time. Serve Him and He will have your back.

There's this song that I really love. And it has convicted me as well. When I was a little younger and crazier for God, I had a prayer for this nation and for this generation and I would go in for that. But, like a month ago, I was listening to this song and God convicted me. All I could think about was where did that fire, zeal, and intercessory status go for this nation? I want to encourage you to keep praying and staying on fire. Don't lose the zeal and the burdens that God ha placed upon your hearts. If He has given you a burden for the youth, intercede and stay praying for them. Don't lose it because it's our time to shine and do His work!!! 

The second piece is in Jeremiah 2. This was full conviction and I pray it never gets this way for myself. In Jeremiah, Jeremiah is speaking Gods words about people forgetting who their real God is. He's talking about how the people of Israel were worshipping other gods and forget His commandments. They were forgetting all the wonderful things that God has done for them.  Sometimes we can get so wrapped up in life and with our daily routines that we forget about God. We forget about how God brought us to the point where we are today. We get so wrapped about being on a tight, busy schedule that we forget about our mission. We forget about our assignment, the blessings of God and who is the true and loving God. I know I have slightly forgotten about my assignment. Right now, I'm student teaching and my mind is set on finishing student teaching and being done. But, what I have failed to realize is that God sends us to spots and locations for a specific reason. He sends us to places because there are people that He wants us to save and bring to Christ. Yes, you may be working at a certain spot to get money and to have to pay bills and what not. But, don't forget that Jesus commanded us to go out into all nations speaking the good news and making disciples of all men. Therefore, we're on an assignment to reach those that need Jesus. 

Remember you may be the only Jesus that people see. Therefore, don't get so wrapped up in life that you forget about your assignment or that you forget about your assignment. Don't let your insecurities or failures or shortcomings or doubt overtake your life that you're not willing to God's will. He will cover whatever is lacking. 

Jesus, thank you for saving and loving us. Thank You for choosing us to do Your will. I'm so grateful that you consider me for your will. I'm asking that God we will just keep you first in everything we do and that we won't forget the true purpose. Also, I pray that we don't limit you or our potential in you. Allow us to get boldness and to walk in it. In Jesus name, AMEN!!!

Stay blessed!!!
Salvation Sunday: Steven Gable

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