Tuesday, October 8, 2013


People judgment is near. If you aren't afraid then maybe you're living on the right path or maybe not. However, in case, it is my prayer that WE ALL FEAR GOD. Did you know that there is a time where God will descend from Heaven and cast judgment on all of us? Did you know that if you don't have your life together (meaning according to his will) that it will be too late? We don't know when it will happen, but we do know that it WILL happen. There is no such thing as a second chance when God casts his judgment on the Earth. Our second chance is today, right now, anytime before God comes back. Serious question: If God were to hypothetically come back today as you're reading this post, would you be ready? Would you honestly be able to say that you will go to Heaven and have eternal life? Orrrr would your fate land you somewhere else? I think about this question constantly. The truth is somedays I'll look back on whether I had a good day and then I'll be like I would go to Heaven today. But then if I had a bad day (especially if I allow people to let the devil use them and get me extremely angry), I know that God isn't pleased. Regardless God isn't a one time, once a day, sometime type of God. He is consistent and he expects us to be consistent in walking in his righteousness. I pray we're ALL living up to those expectations.

Revelations chapter 8 talks about the sounding of the trumpets or the sounding of the alarms. In the Bible trumpets have been very significant. They have been used as a sign for people to gather to worship and then also, the trumpet has been used as a sign to gather the people for war. At any rate, the trumpet is a sign that the people need to be alarmed to prepare in anticipation of some event. What does the sounding of the trumpet mean in Revelations 8? 

The sounding of these trumpets have been different from most of the trumpets that have been in the Bible. These trumpets have been alarmed directly from Heaven, directly as orders from God, directly by 7 angels using 7 trumpets. This may just be the wrath of God. 

When the first angel sounded the first trumpet:

  • Hail and fire mixed with blood came from Heaven. As a result, a third of the trees and all of the grass was burned up. What I found most interesting about this was that all of our lives we were taught that we need trees to breathe because of their interaction with oxygen and carbon dioxide (science was never my thing lol). However, when God sends his wrath upon Earth, he doesn't care about that. He isn't thinking about the importance of trees or any of that. God is sending his vengeance on Earth for all of our disobedience to him.

When the second angel sounded the second trumpet:

  • Something like a huge mountain on fire was thrown at the sea. As a result, the sea turned to blood, one third of the sea creatures died, and one third of the ships were destroyed. When I think of the sea I think about how vast and powerful it is. I am even reminded that although it is beautiful, it is still destructive. However, in this passage it is clear that the destructive nature of the sea (in the way that it destroys living things) is no match to the orders of God. This concept goes beyond the sea...God's power is no match for anyone--no match for me, you, and even Satan.

When the third angel sounded the third trumpet:

  • A great star blazing like a torch fell from the sky onto a third of the rivers and springs. As a result, many people died from the bitterness of the river. We can read in the news about waters being poisonous to the people especially in low-income neighborhoods or even third world countries. Most of the time these unfortunate occurances can be directly attributed to big companies and the government. As people we don't expect anything less of big companies and the government because (1) it's all about money for them and (2) they have their own agendas that include exploiting the lower class. This is different. The destruction of the water comes from God...

When the fourth angel sounded the fourth trumpet:

  • One third of the sun, moon, stars were struck. As a result, a third of them turned dark and so a third of the day was dark. I find this interesting. We depend on the sun soooo much. It allows us to keep track of time, it helps things grow, and it keeps us warm. When God first created the Earth it was dark and God said let there be light and there was light. Also, God is the light and our light in the darkness. When there is darkness there is chaos and confusion, which are two things that are not of Christ. So why would God create darkness if he is our light? 

What does this mean?
Revelations chapter 8 doesn't reveal the instructions of the next 3 angels. Regardless, today's reading reveals a lot of what is to be expected but this only effects the nonbelievers. In essence if we are not ready when God comes back (because he WILL come back) we will be caught up in his wrath. People get it so confused when it comes to God. Yes he is loving, yes he is kind, yes he is forgiving, but he still has expectations of us. Just like any GOOD father, God has to punish his children (us). It's harsh but true, because we have to be held accountable for our actions. When you think back over your life I am 1000% positive that most of the protection, blessings, mercy, and favor that you received from God were undeserving. I say this because I can look back over my life and agree. That's because God doesn't treat us as our sins deserve. Buttttt even in the midst of his perfection, God has to come back for the day of judgment and punish those who don't believe. 

My prayer is that everyone who is reading this post today, along with myself, makes it to Heaven and lives for eternity when that alarm sounds. And for those who do not have a close relationship or no relationship with God, that this post will inspire them to build that foundation before it is too late.


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