Tuesday, October 29, 2013

TRANSFORMING TUESDAY: Appreciating the Power of Prayer

No one really understands the power of prayer until God moves on your behalf. No one understands the importance of prayer until you're faced with one of the hardest battles you have to endure. No one understands the meaning behind prayer until you are delivered. Why is that? Why do we have to wait for bad or great things to happen in order to fully accept that God is real? Why can't we just look around us and realize that humans aren't man-made? Why can't we look at our healthy children and realize they are a product of God's grace and mercy? Why can't we turn around and look at our pasts and embrace the fact that God has had his favor upon us? Why? Why? Why? Why not?

Today was probably one of the hardest weeks of my life to date and it's only Tuesday. I have been battling doubt, lack of understanding, anger, and I feel like I am borderline on the brink of feeling helpless. I have just been going through the go-through so to speak. I just feel trapped in my thoughts and because of that I've been feeling trapped in fear and uncertainty. I can't even remember the last time I've felt like this, or even if I've ever felt like this before...Nothing good has come from this. However, God has had a way of using this blog, my fellow bloggers, and anyone in my path to remind me of who I am and what I have to do. Thank you Jesus!

2 Thessalonians 3 spoke to me today!!! God is too good. It spoke about the POWER OF PRAYER!!! Now this isn't to say that I haven't been praying but this is to say that for me personally I have not been appreciative of the POWER OF PRAYER. When you think about it, every single religion you can think of has some notion of prayer involved. Why is that? Prayer has a way of drawing us nearer to God. When we pray to God we are drawn in his presence. We are filled with who he is. We are directly connected to what and who he is. We are drowned with his power, drowned with his loved, drowned with his hopefulness. I can go on for a lifetime of things that I have prayed for that God has answered. These things stem from not getting into trouble my parents, to paper cuts, to even getting into school. Yes!!! The POWER OF PRAYER is soooo real!

I think today I am more appreciative of the importance of The POWER OF PRAYER than I have ever been. Yes, it's great to have God answer prayers but it's far more greater knowing that even when God is NOT answering my prayers, that he is still listening to me!!! My prayer requests do not fall on deaf ears---NO NO NO God is still listening to me and as I cry out to him during my weakness, he has already began building my escape door. God is that good!!! So even in the midst of your uncertainty as to whether or not God is going to answer your prayers, I urge all of us to be certain that he's still listening. 

God hears my cries as I cry out to him at night. God hears my cries as I have to excuse myself in class. God hears my cries when I'm on the way home from school and have to find ways to keep myself together. God hears my cries when I just have to release all of my emotions in the bathroom. God hears my cries!!! I understand the POWER OF PRAYER and more than anything, I am APPRECIATIVE OF THE POWER OF PRAYER. Why? Because even when I don't feel God moving quick enough, I know that he HEARS MY CRIES.

I ask that everyone who is reading this blog says a special prayer for me and my family. That God will keep our spirits high, that God will answer our prayers, that he will continue to bind us closer together. Pray that he will give us the strength and the sound mind to keep our faith and continue to keep him first. Pray that he will ease our hearts and that this storm will soon be over in the best way possible.

It's Never Too Late To Transform Your Tuesdays :)

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