Tuesday, September 24, 2013


The Bible is our tool aka our instruction guide to life. I gives us insight. It gives us peace. It gives us guidance. And something we don't think about...the Bible gives us WARNING SIGNS. A warning sign is not always something that is viewed as negative. A WARNING SIGN can be positive. It can steer us in a certain direction to avoid different types of danger that lurks ahead. Life gives us warning signs all of the time. If someone is constantly lying to us, then that right there is a WARNING SIGN that you shouldn't get into a relationship with that person. Also, if someone is easily angered, then that should be a WARNING SIGN that maybe you should keep your distance. Do you pay attention to the WARNING SIGNS in your life? Don't even get me started on the warning signs that I somehow have refused to acknowledge in my life (for whatever reason)...



The Bible tells us not to hate. As Christians we have a duty to spread love one another. More importantly, we have a duty not to be hypocrites. Having love for God and for all of his creation, is obeying God. The Bible tells us that obedience is better than sacrifice. The Bible also tells us that love is truth and truth is light. What are the WARNING SIGNS??? The light is already shining as it always has been, but don't be fooled because darkness is present as well. This means that God has always been here and will always be here. However, don't be so fixed on God saving you that your actions show that you feel like you have all of the time in the world. That is not the case. The devil is real too. And he's evil and he doesn't really care about you or I.

As believers in Christ we are supposed to be of this world, but not in the world. That means we walk this Earth just like any other human does, but we never get too comfortable with the things of the world that we get to the point that we call Earth our home. We have an understanding that Heaven is where we want to me. This is because the world will eventually pass away, but God and his love will live forever. Believing and trusting in God will get us to that eternal life -- the life that we all desire to live. What are the WARNING SIGNS??? Earth doesn't last so when God comes back and destroys everything (including Earth) where will you reside? The possibility of a life in hell should be unsettling. That is not a future I see for myself and I pray that you don't see that in your future as well.

Denying God is equivalent to living a lie. God is truth, so believing in him is believing in truth in every sense of who he is. The Bible tells us that anyone who denies God is an antichrist. Why is this a WARNING SIGN??? Because the Bible already states that many antichrist have already come. And also, all of these distractions in the world that encourage people to deny God are created to lead us astray. No one likes to feel lost but for some reason we engage in all of these activities that were created to bring us further away from the will of God. 

  • SIN
The Bible tells us not to sin. I know it's easier said than done. We are born into sin so it's often a struggle to remain on the right path and live a life free of sin. That is exactly why when we sin (which we will), it is important that we take accountability for our actions and ask for forgiveness. I'm highly convinced that people allow for the devil to use them. For example,  I personally know the most evil person walking this Earth. I'm not even sure why they're so evil or even what caused them to be this way. I do however know that it's always a struggle for me to be around them. Like it's personally draining and this week I even contemplating treating me the way that they treat me. I also wanted to lash out on them because I felt like I couldn't take it. Even my thoughts and judgment became cloudy. What was the WARNING SIGN??? My warning sign was that I'm supposed to love my neighbor and at the end of the day, it is never acceptable for me to treat others negatively because that's how they treat me. I'll continue to turn the other cheek and most importantly, pray that I have compassion on them and that God softens their heart. It must be a lonely life to walk around with a hardened heart. Life is too precious, life is too grand, life is too temporary. 

Lord thank you for your guidance through your word. Thank you for allowing us to draw nearer to you through your teachings in your word. Every time we read we have a piece from you especially when we sometimes feel we can't hear you as clearly as we would like. Thank you also Lord for your WARNING SIGNS. We may not pay too much attention when we should but thank you for your grace. We pray that when we become too consumed with hate, too consumed with things of this world, too consumed with denying who you are through doubting you, and too consumed with sin, that you will reel us right back into your presence. Lord we want to be near you and feel you. And lastly, we pray that you will continue to bestow grace upon our lives that will steer us into the direction that you plan for our lives. We don't want to make hell our home because our hearts and souls belong in Heaven with you. Thank you for life, for opportunity, for blessings, for destiny, and for your WARNING SIGNS. Amen.


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