Tuesday, September 10, 2013

TRANSFORMING TUESDAY: No Matter What, He's Still God

There are so many things we struggle with. There are so many things that we may feel oppress. There are so many things that may bother us. Through all of these things that try to interfere with our growth and maturity in our walk with Christ, GOD IS STILL GOD. What does this mean exactly? When our moms make us mad and we don't want to be bothered with her, our feels don't change that fact that she's still our mom. When our siblings drive us crazy, no matter how we feel it does not change the fact that they are still our siblings. No matter your situation, your life, your ups, your downs, GOD IS STILL GOD.

God still tells the sun to rise and the moon to rise even when we are not there to witness it. He still allows the animals and the trees to continue on in the cycle of life even when we don't care enough to take pleasure in these things, or even when we don't lend a helping hand. The same is true in life. I remember when my grandmother passed away and I just could not understand how and why God would do such a thing. I was extremely heartbroken over her death because my next thought was: what happens next? Through my confusion God continued to show me that GOD IS STILL GOD. Yes she passed away, but her soul was laid to rest. Yes she is no longer here, but I believe that I am blessed because of her sacrifices. Yes I can't physically see her, but God gives me the peace of mind that she's with him on a daily basis. GOD IS STILL GOD.

Currently I have been battling with peace of mind. Through my journey of receiving peace I have been very specific in my prayers. I asked God to remove any and all bad seeds that would try to interfere with my walk in Christ from my life. However, I told God that I didn't want to be the one to cut them off, so I prayed that they would make the decision to walk out of my life. In the past 2 weeks I have lost friends that I thought were my closest friends. When everything did happen (the process of them leaving my life) I was extremely sad. Through my sadness I was reminded that GOD IS STILL GOD. He gave me the peace of mind that I deserve and more importantly he answered my prayer. Today, I am no longer sad because through pain God gives us grace, mercy, and peace.

We have countless accounts that through any trial or tribulation, GOD IS STILL GOD. Today's reading in Psalms 78 is a perfect example. Although God:

  • He turned a river into blood and they could not drink
  • He sent flies that devoured them
  • He allowed grasshoppers to devour their crops
  • He allowed destroying angels to kill them 
  • He did not spare them from death
  • He killed all of the firstborn men of Egypt

However, GOD IS STILL GOD, because:
  • He is merciful
  • He forgives
  • He restrains his anger towards us
  • He remembers that our flesh is weak
  • He led them out of the wilderness
  • He guided them safely from their enemies
  • He brought them to holy land
  • He drove out nations before them
  • He gave them land as an inheritance
  • He parted the red sea
GOD IS STILL GOD because although he may do things that we perceive as negative, he has power to turn that negative situation around. And at the end of the day, the things that you perceive as negative happening in your life, will NEVER outweigh what WE ALL know to be the positive things happening in your life. If you're reading this today, you have already defied the odds. It doesn't matter what happened today or yesterday, GOD IS STILL GOD
Heather Williams - GOD IS STILL GOD


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