Sunday, July 28, 2013

GUEST BLOGGER FOR THE MONTH OF JULY: When We Understand God We Understand Ourselves

So 1st Corinthians Chapter 14:2 starts off saying “for he that speaketh in an unknown tongue speaketh not unto men, but unto God: for no man understandeth  him; howbeit in the spirit he speaketh mysteries”.  I think this is explaining how our relationship with God, is just that…our own A and B relationship where, he understands us even though we may not understand him all the time or his methods. Because we speak in a different tongue all together when the spirit hits us, we don’t even know what we may be saying because a switch has occurred; It is God…we are no longer ourselves nor are we in the flesh. We are now able to feel and understand him, when we are transformed in the spirit. I also believe that the scriptures explain to us why we have leaders such as bishops, pastors, etc. 

The lord chose certain leaders to act as sheepdogs as such, to help guide, herd, and protect his sheep.  These leaders are there to provide extra guidance, understanding, and insight on what the lord may be trying to express to us. We must learn to differentiate between the words and teachings of those who believeth in the word of the Lord but speaketh through the eyes of the world versus those who believeth in the Lord our God, and speaketh through his word not just by the use of the tongue but also by their actions, the confines of their heart, and the way they express their love for God in everything they do. We cannot entertain the barbarisms of this world nor be deceived by those sent to distract us by allowing them to use falsities against us. We must know our word and be strong in it; we cannot falter. 

We are all blessed with a spiritual talent or gift that helps edifies the church and the church community whether we know this or not. But just because you lack understanding of your gift or purpose or, you see your gift as spiritually unimportant doesn’t mean that it lacks worth in the kingdom of God. Everything ordained by God contains worth and presence especially his children. If you do not know what you gift is, pray, seek it, and find it so that there can be a plethora of spiritual wealth and knowledge of God.  We must learn to live in the spirit at all times not just temporarily or conveniently as the spirit is what connects us completely, to God’s understanding. We feel and act like him, through the spirit. As children of God we cannot live life daily without incorporating some aspect of God in everything we do whether it be driving to the store or attending Friday night prayer. But through this, we must understand what we are doing and why we are doing it(for example: praise singing or ushering for the church).  

We must constantly hear the Lord’s voice and develop a clear understanding of his teachings. When we begin to truly understand, we leave no room for division between us and God.  Clarity, Interpretation, and Understanding, allows us to repetitively become plentiful in the Lord’s spiritual fruits and in this, we are allowing our growing spirituality to be shared in a way, pollenated. When God uses us, we naturally benefit others around us because others begin to see God in us and his glory begin to exude through us. We promote understanding through the use  of spirit and when this happens, the voice of the lord pours out from our mouths and rolls off our tongues like that of daily language. The spirit becomes simple words, which transforms into a speech that becomes our own; Gods tongue becomes our tongue and we are able to hear him. We must mature in learning and understanding, to accept understanding and though this understanding, we find clarity, truth, and interpretation, leading to the Lord’s judgment.


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