Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Transforming Tuesday: Let God Be Your Guiding Light

Have you ever felt lost? Kind of like you were distant from God? We all experience those moments where you feel lost and you have nowhere to turn. The great thing about that, is that God never leaves us nor forsakes us. His light is always there ordering our footsteps. It's up to us as to whether we want to follow him or not. 

Today's reading in Psalms 43 spoke about what I consider to be my personal feelings. The chapter starts off asking God for protection and then the speaker questions God when things don't go as planned. Reading this chapter it made me think of my own situations and how I go before God in prayer. Whenever I leave the house I always ask for protection and favor throughout my day. Personally I feel as if there are too many people in this world who have no regard for the value of life for me not to pray to God for protection. 

After I do pray for protection and God sends his angels to dispatch themselves around me, I almost always find something to complain or question God about. The speaker in Psalms asks why he has to go about mourning and oppressed by the enemy. Normally this is something that we all often wonder about, but that's not always the case. Have you ever wondered that when we are oppressed by the enemy that just maybe it's because of our own wrongdoings? I have come to understand through reading the bible, that most of the things that happens to us are not necessarily things that God wants to happen to us. Most things happen because of our own stubborn nature. From growing closer to God I've noticed that in order for me to follow in the steps that God wants me to follow, I have to face rejection. It's sad but true. For the longest I couldn't understand why I always encountered rejection, but it was because I can be so selfish and stubborn in trying to do what I want to do. I say this to say that not only does God know how to handle us, but things would be a lot more smoother if we learn how to lean and trust in him. 

We all need God to guide and direct our paths. Whenever God is in the midst things are always 100 times better. When things go wrong we should learn to thank and trust God before we question his doing. He makes no mistakes and everything always has its way of working out for the good. So when things are bad praise him expecting something great! When things go good praise him because of your thankfulness. In all things praise him! Be honored to be a part of his great plan. And when you feel lost know that God is next to you every step of the way. He never leaves nor forsakes us! He is the beginning and the ending and he is the light of the this world. Let him be the light in your life and I promise you, if you keep him first you will never walk in darkness again. Stay blessed and today build that relationship with God for yourself. You won't regret it.

Dear Lord, I want to thank you for protecting me and everyone else reading this blog. I want to thank you for allowing all of us the chance to know, understand, and love you. Today I pray for that person who has been feeling lost today. I know that feeling all too well and I pray that you will comfort them with your spirit, bless them with your love, and most of all bring them peace. I pray Lord God that before we come to you with the complaints of life, that we will think back over our lives and thank you for your faithfulness even when we are undeserving. I pray that you will constantly shine your light upon our lives and order our steps. We are not perfect, but Lord we are striving to be more and more like you everyday. Thank you for loving us the way that you do and for keeping us this long. Lord we love you! Amen!

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