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•• What happens when you are faithful? ••
Hannah womb was open.

Hannah was faithful. She consistently prayed, worshipped, & offered sacrifices to the Lord even after he opened her womb to birth Samuel, which she presented to the Lord. She was later blessed with 3 sons and 2 daughters.

•• What happens when you are unfaithful? ••
Eli's priesthood was taken from his family and given to Samuel.

Eli's ancestors were chosen out of all the tribes in Egypt under pharaoh to be priests for the Lord. But "Eli's sons had no regard for the Lord." "This sin of the young men was very great in the Lord ’s sight, for they were treating the Lord ’s offering with contempt." So as a result of their unfaithfulness the Lord declares "This sin of the young men was very great in the Lord ’s sight, for they were treating the Lord ’s offering with contempt. The time is coming when I will cut short your strength and the strength of your priestly house, so that no one in it will reach old age, and you will see distress in my dwelling. Although good will be done to Israel, no one in your family line will ever reach old age. Every one of you that I do not cut off from serving at my altar I will spare only to destroy your sight and sap your strength, and all your descendants will die in the prime of life." (1 Samuel 31-33 NIV)

  • Just as quickly as you receive something it can be taken away for you in a blink of an eye.
  • Just as Hannah said in her prayer, "those who oppose The Lord will be broken," the Lord put Elis's two sons, Hophni and Phinehas to death on the same day.
  • Blessings are passed down on to your children.
  • -Even though we don't deserve it & it's not in our timing The Lord is forever faithful to us. We must be consistent in serving him, giving him all the glory & honor because our blessings are already on its way.
  • Be faithful as The Lord is & he will keep the promises he has made to you.
  • By being faithful to The Lord you receive great blessings.. Greater than your expectations..

**•My Testimony• **

--Unfaithful to The Lord --
Right before Hurricane Sandy The Lord was telling me it was

time to clean up and get rid of everything from my past. I would think about cleaning, then get distracted and didn't clean. When Hurricane Sandy hit my house I didn't think it would be that bad but,  in fact, it was worst than i could imagine. My house was completely flooded and I lost everything except for whatever I had with me. I took it as because I wasn't faithful to The Lord when He told me to clean up, He cleaned up for me and got rid of everything.

--Being faithful to The Lord--
A couple months ago I was having transportation issues. My car got flooded during Hurricane Sandy so I had to car pool with people in order to get to work. The lady who offered to pick me up was charging too much. So as always I prayed to The Lord and kept in mind that He provides. To this very day The Lord has provided for me, and I believe that if I follow Him wholeheartedly and faithfully then He will continue to provide.

No matter what my situation is, I know that as long as I keep God first I will remain blessed by the Lord. Also, the Lord will deliver blessings that will be greater than my expectations.


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