Friday, March 8, 2013

Friday Fellowship: Why Are You Still That Way? God Makes Changes!

1Try this out. Man or Woman this is universal. Visualize putting on a green shirt with a pink stripe down middle. Then put on some orange faded pants with yellow polka dots and finish the outfit with some raggedy bright blue sandals.
You look in mirror and say Wow I look good! Then your family members see you and in accordance laugh telling you that outfit is ridiculous. So you reconvene in the mirror and once again say Wow I look good! My family they don’t know anything.
This is an extreme case which I am relating to pride. Pride is essentially blinding. Pride rejects, repels and causes a superiority complex. Pride sounds like this, “Whatever your about to say to me I’m going defend because I know I’m right, your wasting breath but ok tell me why I’m wrong.”
Pride makes you deaf. For example someone who walks in pride that is struggling in life with forgiving someone will attend a church service and miss the word God had for them. Yes they will miss it as the pastor of church would be speaking on forgiveness and it would relate directly to their situation, yet they miss the word of God because their living in pride. Pride says that was a good word for so and so, while they stare at them to make sure they get the message preached.
These were examples of my life when I lived in pride, so I’m familiar with the thought process. Proverbs 26 first ten verses is about a fool and all the negative connotations with it. Reading these verses 1-11 of the chapter a fool seems like the worst thing you can be called. However, Proverbs verse 12 disagrees.

Seest thou a man wise in his own conceit? there is more hope of a fool than of him.
Conceit- excessive pride in one self.
Fool-One who is deficient in judgment, sense, or understanding.
A fool has hope to be corrected as he knows he lacks. Someone whom is conceited does NOT know he lacks, believing he has all, therefore he has no hope.
            2012 I didn’t realize how unthankful I was until God exposed my pride. Pride is the ultimate makeup and one of the most detrimental to your walk with God.
1 Corinthians 1:29
That no flesh should glory in his presence.
God doesn’t want pride before him and in Proverbs 6, it says God hates pride. God loves us and knows all of our flaws. God wants to help us with these flaws. So we must first recognize we have flaws. Leviticus reading was about a long process of cleansing for a leper. How would pride have affected that process? He would’ve declared himself clean before the end of process looking in mirror and forsaken the further instruction or correction.
This is similar to when we come to God, we receive the spirit of God, but were not made perfect. My favorite Bishop Calvin Enlow of New Destiny whom celebrated a Birthday recently, has lived for God over 30 years. Yet still our great Bishop said he’s still working on himself stating he’s not perfect and exhorted our congregation to enhance themselves. He said we should always be working on something. We still have flaws or holes even though we have God’s spirit. The spirit is also called the spirit of adoption, which refers to taking on God’s characteristics. An impatient person with God can become patient, an unforgiving person can become forgiving a secretive person (Me) can become open.
            First, thing you must do for God to heal your flaws is realize you have flaws, TAKE OFF THE BLINDFOLD OF PRIDE.

Friday Fellowship: Christian

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