Monday, February 18, 2013

Merciful Monday: Family Fellowship

Take a moment to stop and think about the most important people in your life. Most of you probably have a few family and friends in mind. Now think about how many of those people know God. I’m sure that there are some people close to you that do not know the Lord, and it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to tell them.

Today, we read about Jethro's (Moses’ father-in-law) visit to wilderness after the people of Israel left Egypt. The Bible states “Moses told his father-in-law everything the Lord had done to Pharaoh and Egypt on behalf of Israel. He told about all the hardships they had experienced along the way and how the Lord had rescued his people from all their troubles” (Exodus 18:8). And after telling this story Jethro came to a realization. He said, “I know now that the Lord is greater than all other Gods” (Exodus 18:11).

This is a simple example of how important it is to tell people about the goodness of God, especially those close to you. All Moses did was share his personal story, and I’m sure he didn’t expect this reaction from Jethro, but it touched Jethro in such a way that his life was changed forever. It caused him to believe and to acknowledge God.

We need to follow Moses’ example. If you value those close to you, you should be concerned about their spiritual well-being. Don’t you want all of your family and friends to join you the fellowship of Christ?! When sharing, remember to be sincere, honest, and humble because you never know how your testimony will affect them! And don't be discouraged if your words do not get through to them as easily as it seems Moses' words reached Jethro. Just continue to remind them about God and pray that one day they will understand.

Watch the funny video below to figure HOW NOT TO tell your friends about Jesus:

 And read this article to get some tips on HOW TO lead a friend to Jesus:

Merciful Mondays: Jael
For the Lord your God is a merciful God; he will not abandon you or destroy you or forget the solemn covenant he made with your ancestors.” Deuteronomy 4:31

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