Tuesday, January 22, 2013

TRANSFORMING TUESDAYS: Don't Forget to Forgive

Luke 17 focuses on forgiveness, faith, and his coming in the last days.  One of the hardest things that I have to deal with personally is the act of forgiveness.  I often times would find it hard to forgive others because I always feel like I always give others so much of myself.  This includes: loving people, being there for people, giving money, being a good friend, and just being loyal!  Do you know what forgiveness means??? Before I actually started to study the Bible and learning how to forgive, I always felt like forgiving others would allow them to continue to hurt me.  That’s not true! Forgiveness is having the faith that God to take care of a situation.  When we forgive we have peace and when we choose not to forgive our hearts become burdened.  That is not the will of God. 

When we muster up enough strength to forgive others of things that they have done to us, we are the ones being empowered!  Through forgiveness, we are forgiven by God…now that is the forgiveness that I need in my life.  Who am I not to forgive someone who is human (meaning just like me), if a man who loves me despite my numerous faults still has enough room to forgive me?  Forgiveness is letting Go and letting God.  This means accepting that a person has hurt or betrayed you, but not harboring those ill feelings towards that person when you see them.  Personally I struggled with forgiving and forgetting and how they worked.  I always thought that by not forgetting I wasn’t forgiving, but I can forgive and not forget. 

This brings me back to Genesis 29 where Jacob betrayed his father and brother.  In situations like this, it can be so easy to want to get revenge by ourselves.  That’s not how it works.  We have to remember that the battle is never ours; it’s the Lord’s.  Because Jacob betrayed his brother and father, God got revenge through Jacob’s future relationships.  The same thing that Jacob did to Esau and his father Isaac showed up in his relationship with Leah and Rachel.  As long as we do our part and forgive others that wrong us, God will do the rest by blessing us.  More importantly, if we don't forgive others how do we expect God to forgive us? I know there are so many times where I need God to forgive me for things I've done.  Don’t you want to be blessed? I do. Don’t miss out on blessings because of others.

Forgiveness is important because that one of the tools that will get us into Heaven.  We don’t know when the Son of Man cometh, but we do know that he will.  If we have hatred in our hearts, then surely Heaven will NOT be our home.  Don’t you want to make Heaven your home?  Don’t forget that God will always protect you from your enemies despite what they do to you…just don’t forget to forgive them, whether family, friends, or strangers.

I challenge you to FORGIVE at least one person who has wronged you.  Forgiveness starts with a smile, acknowledgement, or even just saying I forgive you.  You do this by praying for them as well as yourself.  If you have a hard time forgiving ask the Lord to soften your heart.  Don’t wait until it’s too late, and remember you can't be forgiven until you have forgiven.

P.S. I Forgive You…

Transforming Tuesdays: Jamera

J-Moss "Forgive Me"


  1. This is awesome!!! I like this and the song as well. Very good points about forgiveness being the faith to trust that God will take it. Another song that I think is Let Go, Let God by Dewayne Woods.

  2. Glory to God!!! This is goood!! Yayy Jamera! I love seeing what God is doing in and through you. He's awesome! Continue to let him use you and transform you <3 BTW this is the 2nd blog I read today speaking on forgiveness! *cough cough* God is def telling me something! Thanks for sharing :)

  3. Today's lesson is beyond meaningful to me.
    Prior to reading part of my prayer was for understanding. Have u ever blamed yourself for things that have gone wrong in a loved one's life? Well I have! Luke 17:10 "So you also, when you have done everything you were told to do, should say, We are unworthy servants; we have only done our duty". That scripture gave me clarity at the perfect moment!!! I may fall short in others' expectations of me but I fulfilled my responsibility. Helping me to deal w/ Forgiveness! Something I have ALWAYS struggled w/ more so now then ever!! God is ALWAYS on time!! Even when u don't want him to be! It's looking like I am enjoying this blogging for Jesus life! Thanks guys!!