Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Transforming Tuesdays: The Creator of All Things

January 1, 2013 

Luke 5:25-39
God performs miracles that many people find “unimaginable.”  That’s the beauty of miracles!  Miracles defy all logic where it can only be one explanation: God!!! One dictionary defines miracles as, “A surprising and welcome event that is not explicable by natural or scientific laws and is considered to be divine.”  Even the dictionary recognizes miracles as something that is divine because human knowledge is incapable of understanding this type of event.

Has God ever performed a miracle in your life?  I’m sure he has. Think of a time where the odds were stacked against you and somehow you pulled through.  Have you been ever sick with terminal illness and cured?  Blessed with a job that you know you are unqualified for?  Are you able to pay your bills when they supersede your monthly salary?  God performs miracles all of the time….that is just one of many things that makes him who he is.

We should praise God all the time; when things don’t go our way, before we’re sick, when we have it all together, through our struggle, and in our triumph God should be praised.  I found it so humbling that all God had to say was “Follow me” and without hesitation Levi got up, left everything and followed God. I couldn’t even tell you how many times God has told me to follow him or even listen to him and I haven’t just obeyed him.  I don’t even know why it’s so hard for me to follow and obey God when I have seen his miracles.  I am a product of his miracles!!!!  For me I would obey him once I tried to something my own way and failed.  Why is this??? How much are willing to sacrifice in order to follow God?

Also, God calls all sinners and makes them whole through his grace and mercy.  He didn’t come to call people who don’t need him but people who once again know that they can’t do it alone.  He calls sinners who want to be made whole, all you have to do is ask and repent for your sins.  Jesus is amazing!!! He is here for me, for you, and every other sinner as long as we are willing to repent for those sins.  If you don’t have Jesus in your life, and you feel your life has no direction, then I dare you to try Jesus!!!! I can’t promise that it will be easy but I promise it WILL be worth it!!!

Genesis 1 & 2
When God formed the world he created us in his image.  This does not mean that we look like God or even that we are God, but that we reflect who he is, meaning his glory!  In essence we can reflect his characteristics such as love, peace, forgiveness, and even compassion but being created in his image is not necessarily literal.  Being created in his image puts into perspective our worth.  If he created you, then you are already full of so much worth and value.  This value has nothing to do with what the world places value on; this does not include money, success, and fame.  Being valued when you don’t have any of these things is true value and that comes from God the most high.  This means loving him, not being ashamed of his love, forgiving, repenting, being baptized in his name, speaking in tongues, being who he called you to be, and more!

The world was not complete until man and woman were created.  Adam was created from the dust of the ground and Eve from the rib of Adam.  God specifically states that it was not good for man to be alone and so he made a companion who was just right for him.  Eve could have been made from the dust just as Adam was but God wanted to make her from Adam. When men and women become married they do so by becoming one. In my opinion I feel like everyone wants that kind of relationship: you want to marry who God carefully designed for you.  If you follow him I believe that is exactly what will happen.  

Psalms 1
Lastly, when God is in your midst you are continuously blessed and doors are opened.  When he isn't, then life leads to destruction.  This is fact! I challenge you to be that tree planted by the water and follow God.  This once again means praising him before things go wrong, when things are wrong, and when they are good.  God is at the center of my life and even if I began to count all of my blessings there would not be enough time to do it all.  Give him a chance and be blessed!

-Transforming Tuesdays: Jamera

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  1. Good message, God is a miracle working God..my miracle was God gave me energy and strength through 2012 to walk to work as I had no car.

  2. Excellent message!! Thanks for obeying God's voice. He's going to perform miracles through the use of this blog site! I'm thankful for my miracles; my wife and my healthy& handsome son.
    -It's difficult to obey God because when He asks us to do something, at the moment, He requires a faith that we dont have. However, once we are obedient, that's when the faith we need comes into action. He wants us to rely on him by faith & his supernatural power!! God bless!!

  3. Awesome message!!!!! Love it!!! I love how you said that we are like God in His glory!!! Doesn't matter what we look like or how our outside may look like because God can use whoever is a willing vessel.

  4. Love this Jamera! I too was impressed with how quickly Levi forsook everything - His career, his past, his own opinions and traditions were left behind to trust and follow Christ. I am going all the way with the Lord in 2013.

    Thank you for starting this blog!!!!