Friday, January 25, 2013

Friday Fellowship: How can I reach God

What are you doing to Reach God?
                Luke 19:3 We learn of Zacchaeus who sought to see Jesus or Reach God. However, this man faced several obstacles in his way to see Jesus.
1.       He was small in stature, and Jesus always drew large crowds so he wouldn’t be able to see him.
2.       He was a leader of publicans and was rich so this meant he was a privileged man and had a certain image to behold. (Pride)
Zacchaeus though purposed in himself that he must Reach God. That image or pride as a publican he forsook.  He forsook his pride by running ahead of the crowd and climbing a tree in a place where Jesus and the crowd would pass by and there he waited to see Jesus. When Jesus came by he saw Zacchaesus and told him he’d be abiding at his house. Zacchaeus Reached God and was blessed by Jesus abiding at his house.
Also, another example is a man named Jacob that we learn of throughout Genesis who eventually needed to Reach God.  We know that Jacob feared his brother killing him and he put forth no fight only fleeing secretly in the night to escape. Laban, his father in law deceived and cheated him over 14 year span yet Jacob put forth no fight and fled secretly to escape.
However, in Genesis 32 we find a different Jacob. We find a Jacob that is purposed in him toReach God. He had an obstacle as well.
1.       Jacob was not a fighter; he has always fled secretly away doubting his power and ability to win.
Genesis 32:1-2, We learn that Jacob is aware of the angels of God and their appearance. This is important because later in the chapter we learn Jacob wrestles with a man. However, as already stated Jacob is cognizant of angels so he knew this man he wrestled with was an angel. If Jacob knew the man was an angel why would his first fight be with something so divine, God’s direct messengers?? And in the past never fight with his brother or Laban? The reason is Jacob needed to Reach God that night because his whole family was a day away from possible elimination. Jacob refused to accept that so he purposed in himself that night that he was going to Reach God.  Jacob tells the angel I won’t let you go until you bless me. The angel wounded him and yet Jacob stood strong refusing to let go until he Reached God. Jacob Reached God that night and received a blessing along with a new name Israel which meant a prince that has power with God and with men and is powerful.
                Reaching God is to show forth an effort. These men sacrificed to Reach God in multiple areas. What efforts are you taking to Reach God? God has proven in these stories he ACKNOWLEDGES EFFORT. I want to encourage anyone who desires to know God or desires an answered prayer from God to give forth an EFFORT.  These men in the story gave Great Efforts as they went against their grain or normalcy of life.
·         If you pray 15 minutes a day show God your EFFORT go 30 minutes.
·         If you fast until 1pm, fast until 6pm
·         If you read the bible once a week, read it twice a week
·         You are the determinant of Great Effort


  1. =), i'm feeling this!

  2. Amen!!! This is good. Can't get comfortable with our walks!!! When it gets rough, we have to press further in his presence.