Monday, June 9, 2014

WEEKLY DEVOTIONAL: When Living For God, You Are the Majority

We live in a world where we categorize one another as a minority or a majority. We see it everywhere: race, religion, politics, and even education. Those categorizations also come with different stigmas as well as different privileges. Consequently, if you are considered a "majority" you are essentially entitled to perks of the "majority" that are always bigger and better than perks of a "minority."

I remember growing up and living for God as a kid (I'm talking elementary school), I always considered myself a "minority." This wasn't because of the color of skin, my sex, or my political affiliation, this was because I was one of the few ones out of my friends who was living for God. To make it more obvious I also wore skirts every single day. As a kid you don't realize it because everyone in your church wears them, until you're at school and the other kids point it out. I was also one of the few kids who didn't celebrate Halloween out of all of classmates. Usually on Halloween I would miss school and either stay at home or go to church for "Holyween" where we would dress up as biblical characters and eat loads of candy. Also, I was one of the few kids who was labeled as a "church girl" because I was considered "good" because I didn't engage in the same activities as my friends engaged in. I can on and on about my childhood and how I harbored a feeling of being a "minority." 

Just last week I was feeling a little out of it. My mind was all over the place, my thoughts everywhere and nowhere at the same time, and I was worried about things that had no place in my mind. Well as I went to use the restroom on Sunday while at church I bumped into a lady. Now me and this lady never usually engage in conversation past the routine hello, how are you, how's school, that's good, take care. But on this particular Sunday this lady wanted to step outside of the routine and talk more than usual. I was a little shocked and happy at the same time. Immediately of course she asked me about school and things of that nature and then for some reason we got onto the topic of "worth," "facing fears," and "living for God." She began telling me how in her former employment she had to face so many challenges because she was a woman in an all-male field. As we talked I was exposed to how strong this woman was and still is and how she passed that strength on to her children. Her encouragement was exactly what I needed and what I had been struggling with throughout the week and now that I think of it, I was struggling with that for years in a sense.

She began telling me about the challenges I would face being a woman in the law and informed me that I too would have feelings of being a minority. From there I expressed my fears about life and she told me, "When you're living for God you are the MAJORITY." At first I didn't see how this was really true because there are so many people in the world who do not live for God. That's when she broke it down for me. Did you know that when you're actually living for God (not straddling the fence, but in a relationship with Christ wholeheartedly), you're blessed like you have some type of privilege in the world. Your blessings exceed your qualifications, your expenses exceed your income, your blessings exceed your trials and tribulations.

Because I live for Christ, I am a MAJORITY because of his grace and unmerited favor. That doesn't come with the perks of the world. I would rather be a majority living for Christ than a majority of the world. The doors that God has prepared to be open in front of you, no man can shut because you are the majority. Everyone knows that majority rules...that's true because God rules! And when God blesses us with that majority status he also blesses us with major power. Luke 10:19 states, "I have given you authority to trample on snakes and scorpions and to overcome all the power of the enemy; nothing will harm you."

So when you think about your life and fall into that toxic mindset of being a "minority," remember that the bible states in Matthew 22:14, "For many are called, but few are chosen." Majority doesn't always go by numbers or based off of the actions of the crowd, majority is based off of power. I vow to measure my majority status in the form of blessings. Everything that I have been given in life has been a MAJOR blessing and because of that I am a MAJORITY. And now when I think about growing up and living for God I am reminded of the simple fact that my friends and former classmates are currently seeking relationships with Christ. I refuse to fall victim to what the world categorizes me. Once we as believers realize that we have POWER, we will also be able to embrace our MAJOR blessings and MAJOR favor. So when you think that you're the only one living for God, remember that you are far powerful than you think because you have a MAJOR person in your corner and fighting on your behalf. You've already WON :) 

Let Your Power Fall - James Fortune
Let your power fall
When your name is called
Prove the doubters wrong
You’re still mighty and strong
So fight this battle for me
And help my unbelief
So I can tell all my friends
That you have won again

Romans 13:1 - Let every soul be subject unto the higher powers. For there is no power but of God: the powers that be are ordained of God.



  1. Thanks Jmirror,.... time to enjoy the day and look forward to the major blessings!

  2. I never thought about it like this. I have always felt like a minority in living for God, but now I know that I'm the MARJORITY. Thanks, Jam!