Sunday, December 8, 2013

Salvation Sunday: I Am

As we go through life sometimes, we forget who God is. We forget that God is there with us ALL THE TIME!! I know that for myself there have been times where I forgot about God being there on my behalf. Sometimes I forget that God is here to help fight my problems and I try to do it myself. But we have to remember that God is ALWAYS there for us. God is the Almighty King!!! He is the King of Kings!!! He is The Lord of Lords!!! He is the Deliverer, the Savior and everything that we need!!! Everything that we go through, God is there to solve it. God is always ready to protect and take care of us. 

Also as Christians, we belong to God!!! I know sometimes we don't like to think to belong or be somebody's property. Sometimes we don't like to answer to someone. But if you think about, if there is something that belongs to you, then you protect with everything that you have. You take care of it and make sure it can fulfill it's purpose to the best that it can. With God, it's the same thing. Our Almighty God is our protector and He is who we belong to. He wants to protect us all the time. He wants to make sure that we are successful and operate in our purpose. The issue is will we let God do it. Will we trust God and let Him be who He is. We are His people and He is our God. There is no God beside Him and no one before or after Him. Since there is no one like Him and we belong to Him, then we are set to go.

Stay blessed!! 
Salvation Sunday: Steven 

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