Tuesday, October 22, 2013

TRANSFORMING TUESDAY: The Generation of the Righteous

I remember growing up and my mom would tell me that I should fear no one but God. I never really understood why she would always tell me that, because I feared her when I got in trouble lol. But when I look around today I don't see a generation who takes accountability of their actions. I don't see a generation who fears God (I could be wrong, but this is MY opinion). I just see a generation of recklessness--a generation of loneliness--a generation of lost souls digging themselves deeper into their own graves. It's sad and unfortunately it cannot be sugar-coated. There are babies having babies, too many fatherless children, too many senseless killings, and too many unnecessary causalities. 

Psalms 112 tells us that "Blessed are those who fear the Lord and find great delight in his commands." What does this mean? This means that when you fear (an emotion induced by a perceived threat) by God, you are blessed (made holy). As Brittney stated in one of the Warrior Wednesday posts, it's clear that through their actions people know that God exists but people refuse to acknowledge or commit to him. That will be something that I will never understand. You wake up in the morning, you survive near death experiences, you get promotions you don't deserve, you pay your bills even when your living expenses exceed your earnings, yet you refuse to give your life to God. I want people to realize that all of their blessings are not their own doings but instead a reflection of God's grace and mercy that he pours out over our lives.

There are benefits for living for Christ. Although many of the youth in America may seem reckless, there are some of us who are members of a generation of the righteous. If you choose to give your life to God, you too can experience the blessings of the righteous. For example, I recently joined thegym after using a free 7-day pass for about a month (I felt like I had to get a feel for the gym before I could commit to a monthly payment lol). Once I joined I received all of this free stuff and if you know me, then you know I find such delight in free things. Welp my commitment/my membership to the generation of the righteous is far greater than what the gym or any other membership could provide. 

So what are these benefits?
  • Their children will be mighty in land
    • God has promised the generation of the righteous that their children and their children's children will be taken care of.
  • The generation of the upright will be blessed
    • The generation of the righteous will be blessed and whatever they touch will be blessed.
  • Wealth and riches are in their houses
    • The generation of the righteous will be rich. This richness doesn't always have to be in the form of money. Money comes and goes, but if you are rich in spirit and wealthy in love, then you will always have more than even the richest person in the world.
  • Even in darkness light dawns for the upright
    • The generation of the righteous will never walk in darkness because God walks with them and he is the light of the world. 
  • Good will come to those who are generous 
    • The generation of the righteous are generous because they want or need for nothing because God always supplies their every need.
  • The righteous will never be shaken
    • No matter what comes their way, the generation of the righteous will remain unmoved because they understand where their help comes from.
  • They will be remembered forever
    • The generation of the righteous has no desire to acquire fame or live that lifestyle. However, they will leave their mark on everyone they meet because whenever they encounter someone, that other person will also encounter the spirit of God.
  • They will have no fear of bad news
    • The generation of the righteous has zero cares in the world. There is no such thing as a bad day for them because they understand that God is in control.
  • Their hearts are steadfast, trusting in the Lord
    • The generation of the righteous understands that God's plan is the best plan. They also understand that God has the final say so. Nothing is too hard for God because God is the creator of all things.
  • In the end they will look in triumph on their foes
    • The generation of the righteous will always come out on top because when God is on your side, there is no way you can lose.
  • They have freely scattered their gifts to the poor
    • The generation of the righteous have hearts of gold and understand that is more blessed to give than it is to receive.

The wicked and/or enemies will be be angry, they will be mad, they will be jealous, BUT they can do nothing. God will not allow them to come near the generation of the righteous.  Their evil and wicked ways will be pointless and will come to nothing. 

I remember I had this "friend" (it was a group of us) who would do all of these crazy things. This friend would constantly come up with all of these plans and ideas and as soon as they unfolded it became a trend that this friend was putting everyone's life in danger. Time after time I tried to make excuses for my friend because although they weren't a good friend, I was still a good friend. As I got older and we drifted apart and other things unfolded, I had to face the fact that this friend wasn't a friend---they were an enemy in disguise. Regardless of all of the things that transpired in the so-called friendship, God continued to keep his hand over my life and the evil and wicked ways came to nothing. The friendship ended before anything could happen. Why??? Because my membership to the generation of the righteous was active. My membership is still active!

My question today, is just like you sign up for anything else (Facebook, twitter, Instagram  the gym, school) will you activate your membership for the generation of the righteous and commit to Christ? Just remember that the benefits are incomparable to any other membership out there. 


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