Tuesday, August 6, 2013


Sometimes we just need constant reminders to get us through our day. We need constant reminders for appointments. We need constant reminders for birthdays. We need constant reminders to take our medication. And we need constant reminders to wake up in the morning. Although many of these things happen like clockwork, we still need reminders to put them into perspective at the moment. For the past, going on four weeks, my life has taken an un-expectant turn. I have been more worried than I have ever been. I have been more fearful than I have ever been. I have been more distant than I have ever been. I have been more loving than I have ever been. I have been more hopeless than I have ever been. However, I have also been more hopeful than I have ever been. God has been using those around me to remind me of his power. Even though I have been living for Christ for as long as I have, I still need reminders of my appointments with HIM.

2 Kings 19 has been exactly what I needed to read today. Even after all of this time, God still finds a way to speak to me and I'm praying that as I type this blog, that he is using me to speak to you. As I read today's passage I was so impressed at how Hezekiah went to the temple of the Lord and prayed to him concerning Sennacherib king of Assyria. Although it's a simple gesture, many times we as Christians use prayer as a last resort. We'll wait to pray after we have exhausted all other resources. For example, when we're sick we take medicine; if the medicine doesn't work then we go to the doctors; and when the doctors can't do anything then we go to God. Why is it that we go to God last? He doesn't bless us last. He doesn't love us last. He doesn't favor us last. He sure doesn't protect us last. And from experience, he doesn't answer our prayers last. God puts us FIRST in everything that he does and thinks. We are his children and the sheep of his pasture. 

As Hezekiah prayed to God, I felt a sense of peace; a sense of peace over my situation as well. Once Hezekiah finished praying he didn't worry about the situation, he left all of his worries there in the temple. That's all God wants us to do. He wants us to go before our alters in prayer and leaving our worries there at the alter. The other night I literally laid in my bed for 2 hours praying and talking to God. I poured my heart out to him. I told him everything that I needed, wanted, and expected from him. In exchange for what he is about to do and for him listening, I gave him all of my worries. He already knows our situations. I learned Sunday that nothing we tell God is news to him. He knows it all. He wants us to come to him with our worries, because you build a relationship by communication. Once we come to God and tell him our situations and what we need from him we can no longer worry. We have to trust his track record. And after we trust him we just wait...we wait not in worry but in expectation. 

As we're bridging that gap between praying to God and giving him our worries, we remember!!! We remember everything that God has done for us up until this point. We remember all that he brought us through. I'll be the first to say that the longer we live for Christ it doesn't get any easy. Everyday is a battle. And so whatever I've gone through in 2007 is possibly smaller than what I'm going through in 2013 however, every battle/mountain is BIG at the time you're going through it. So just remember the mountains that God has moved out of your way, the giants that he has gave you victory over, and the storms that he has carried you through. If you did it then, surely he will do it now. And when you need those reminders of what God has already done read 2 Kings 19 because he has: dug wells in foreign places, parted the red sea, healed the sick, blessed people financially, and have given life to the dead.


  1. Go to him FIRST in prayer telling him everything that is heavy on your heart. A key component with every relationship is communication. Communicate with God because he knows what you need he's just waiting for you to ask.
  2. Trust God! Once you give him your prayer requests, leave with him your worries also. In the meantime remember everything that God has done for you, because surely he will do it again and tenfold.
  3. Thank God in advance and wait...NOT IN WORRY BUT IN EXPECTATION

Dear God thank you for all of your blessings and mercies that you have bestowed upon our lives. Thank you for being a God of second chances and finding it in your heart to bless us even when we deserve nothing from you. We ask today and all of the days forward that you will get us to a point to trust you without hesitation. That we will trust you as effortlessly as we breathe and that you Lord God will be our first and last resort. We also ask that every prayer request that we come before you has not fallen on deaf ears and that you are already working on our behalf. We also pray that as we wait on you to fulfill your promises, because you are a God who doesn't give broken promises, that you will help us to remember all of the things that you have brought us from and brought us to. In the meantime we claim healing over sickness, financial blessings, direction in our lives, new jobs, salvation, and hope. Thank you for being there when we need you most and for never giving up on us. We are waiting in expectation knowing that whatever we ask of you shall come to pass. Amen.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your unrest Jmirror, you reminded me, we are trusting God when we are at peace in our current state.