Tuesday, August 27, 2013

TRANSFORMING TUESDAY: When God Charges Us With Responsibilities/Our Calling

How many of you have responsibilities? How many of you are charged with responsibilities that you neither asked for or want? I feel like we all have those feelings when we reflect on our responsibilities. I know that I have responsibilities that I never asked for, but God gave them to me. If you're in the same boat just know that if God gave them to you, then you are fully equipped to handle those responsibilities. 

I Chronicles 28 tells us how God chose David to be king of Israel forever. First God allowed Judah to be a leader, but then chose David and his family out of that tribe. David didn't choose the life that he was given, he just lived the life he was given. This is similar to how it is when we are born into our families. We never get the option of choosing our families but somehow we make due with what we have. Growing up I was born into a family of 5 other sisters. If I had it my way, I probably would have never chosen to be born into such a large family, however I love every second of it. I love the noise, chaos, love, and activity. If I were born into a family of two I'm sure I would love that too. Also, growing up I was born at a time where I was the middle child, but the oldest in the household. I had to adapt to responsibilities quick such as: babysitting, cooking, cleaning, helping with homework, and making sure my siblings were ready for bed at times. I did not choose this life or my responsibilities but God chose that life for me. In the same way that God chose Solomon, the son of David to build the temple, he chose both you and I for the lives that we live.

With responsibilities come pressure. As a child I was always told about my power of influence and how much of a leader/role model I was. Well although it may be a great thing now, I didn't always feel that way. I had to watch what I did, what I said, and even felt like I had to filter who I was in order to live up to the expectations of others. Solomon had the same problem: he had to obey God with all of his heart and keep his commandments first. It seems easy but we all know that as growing Christians  that is not always the case. It is okay to slip up from time to time, but just remember that God has chosen you for a purpose and has  charged you with responsibilities for a reason; they cannot be taken lightly. 

John 7 also shows us the pressure and responsibilities that Jesus was charged with. His responsibilities meant that he would be hated. I couldn't imagine such a thing--living a life where all I'm doing is trying to do the will of God and people hating me in the process. When it comes to being charged with responsibilities from God do we shy away at the thought of hatred towards others, or do we stand firm in our beliefs? It is my prayer that we all establish a mindset similar to that of Jesus where we stand firm in the word of God and continue to live out our responsibilities at all costs.

Challenge: Find out your calling and seek it full force! Everyone plays an intricate part in the house of God and it is up to you to find out where you fit in. And if you don't know, always go to God and ask him...he's always there to guide us into his will. You can be an usher, praise singer, witnesser, prayer warrior, or door greeter. There is always room for you to exercise your calling! The only question is: If God calls you for your calling/responsibility will you answer?


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