Tuesday, July 30, 2013

TRANSFORMING TUESDAY: Death Is Real, But God Is Even More Real

Have you ever felt like you've had forever to do something? Have you had something to do today, but you put it off until tomorrow? I remember in college I had friends who would go to sleep early so that they could wake up extra early to finish a paper. I was the complete opposite. I would stay up all day and night until my paper was finished and fully submitted. Regardless of our own methods we each had the same motive: we rushed against the clock. Why is it that we think we have all of the time in the world to complete certain tasks? Why is it that we set alarm clocks in such confidence that that particular timepiece will wake us up? Are we feeling invincible, or are we just hopeful?

I used to live my life rushing against the clock. I was always consumed with worry because as far back as I could remember I've always had responsibility. Then I would look at one of my younger sisters and admire their more easy-going attitude. Their worries were far less than mine and it could have been because they have had far less responsibilities than I had. Or it may have been because they've known that someone with far more responsibilities have been watching over them. In the same way that we use alarm clocks to wake us up when we don't even pray when we go to bed is the same way that we can cruise through life without any worries: a) We either feel invincible or b.) We’re hopeful.
But what happens when that alarm clock doesn't ring? Or better yet, what happens when we don't hear that alarm clock? I think 2013 alone has opened my eyes to DEATH and how real it is. It's as if we don't understand it until it hits home for us. I used to be afraid of death until I realized that while I'm living I have a choice. My choice consists of: living for the world or dying for Christ. It isn't complicated. One leads to eternal damnation and the other is eternal life. Personally I feel that we don't need too many wake-up calls about death because we face that possibility on a day-to-day basis. We make foolish decisions, yet through God's grace and mercy, we are able to live through those times and share our experiences with others.

The month of July I have been heard of death, I have seen new life (birth), I have seen a baptism, and unfortunately I have seen illness. What do all of these experiences have in common: EVERYONE will encounter death no matter how hard it is to cope with the idea. A young man died a sudden death. My friend gave birth to a healthy and beautiful baby boy. Another young man gave his life to Christ after realizing that God is all that he needs in life. And lastly, one of the strongest people that I know is ill - this is only temporary. Death is sudden, unpredictable, and permanent. If it's all of these why do we hesitate to get our lives together? Why do we set dates on when we're coming to church to give our lives to Christ? And why does it take a life-altering situation for us to seek God? What's so different about tomorrow that you can't give your life to Christ today? Both days face the same thing: the possibility of death.

I know for a fact that I encounter the possibility of death everyday. Currently I attend school and intern in what is said to be the most dangerous cities in New Jersey. I'm here early and nights when I have class I leave late. I also sometimes encounter "criminals" (innocent until proven guilty type of thing) in my field of study, yet I'm here today to tell blog about the word. There was a time where I wouldn't entertain death until I attended funerals of loved ones. I also used to be afraid of all the possibilities that could go wrong, until I realized that although Death is Real, God IS EVEN MORE REAL. So yes my young and foolish thinking made me feel like I was invincible, but now...everyday that I wake I'm even more hopeful than the night before. 

Where does my hope come from according to 1 Corinthians 15:
  • Christ died for my sins
  • Christ rose on the third day 
  • Everyday is another chance to ask for forgiveness and get closer to God
  • I am baptized in Jesus Name
  • I have the gift of the Holy Ghost
  • I read and study the Word
  • I am walking in my purpose
  • I spread the gospel

So yes Death is Real, But if you knew MY God you would know that he's EVEN MORE REAL...Give your life to him today while you have the chance :)

Deon Kipping- "Prisoner in Christ"

Chained to his will
Tied to his Word
He has my Life
I'm a prisoner of Christ...
There is no place I'd rather be 


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