Sunday, July 7, 2013

Salvation Sundays: Bethel is Where I need to be!!!

Bethel means the house of God. Bethel is the place where God lives. Solomon built a tabernacle for God and we see that his prayer was for God's people to take their prayers to this tabernacle to make it happen. Solomon was a wise man and I believe that Solomon understood the power of being in God's presence. There are many instances where people just wanted to be in Gods presence. For example, the woman with the issue of blood just needed to touch the hem of His garment that she would be alright. And then the woman with the alabaster box didn't have to speak. All she did was pour her oil on Jesus. She gave all that she had to God just to be in His presence. Because of her giving everything she had to God, He blessed her and forgave her of her sins. Just to be in the place where God lives is a blessing in itself. Everything that you need is in the presence of God. As long as you come to the place where God lives, He will handle your situations. 

There is this awesome song by Shana Wilson called "Bethel". And it's basically talking about how God I just want to be in the place where you live. I just need a touch from You. Because when I am in Your presence, anything is possible. So, God I just need ot be in Your presence. I will do anything to be in Your presence. Even if I have to fight my way through to get into Your presence, I will do this. In addition, like Hannah said, we have to be ready for the end times and we have to make sure we are not easily deceived by the false prophets. The only way to do that is to build your relationship with Christ and you do that by dwelling in the place where God lives. Enjoy the song and the dance that goes along with it.

(This is from youtube.  Here is the link as well.

In 1 Kings 8, we see the process of the setup of the tabernacle. Before Solomon prays for his nation, the priests are setting up the tabernacle and the ark. But, when they're getting ready to minister, the presence of God moves. The smoke is so powerful that they cannot continue. When you are accessing Gods presence, there will be times where His presence is so powerful that you have to just sit in His presence and let Him do His work. Sometimes God has to stop your plans because He wants to do surgery on your life. You may have some pains or some issues that require surgery to be done. But the only way that He will be able to work on you is to have your undivided attention. He needs for you to just stay in His presence. In the presence of God, chains can be broken. Freedoms can be loosed onto his people. You just gotta worship your way through.

I encourage you to just pursue Gods presence and not leave til God blesses you. We gotta have the attitude that Jacob had. "God I'm not going to leave this place until you bless me." I'm not going to stop praising or praying or worshipping you til you bless me. Feelings of sleep or hunger may come but I'm not gonna stop pressing in your presence. I need you to move on my life.

Today's prayer: God, You are an awesome and mighty god!!! There is no one like You!! Your presence is amazing. Everytime I step into Your presence, You blow my mind. God please give us the desire to pursue You with everything that's within us. Let us get a burning desire to seek Your face and feel Your glory. Let us take all of our burdens to Your feet. Let us live in the place where You live. Once again, we thank You for Your grace and Your mercy. In Jesus name, AMEN!!!

Stay blessed!!!

Salvation Sundays: Steven Gable

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