Friday, July 5, 2013

Friday Fellowship: God Gives Inside Information

Mark 13 a disciple marvels over an aesthetically pleasing  building and Jesus agrees it is great in appearance. Then Jesus tells him it will be destroyed. The disciples ask him when would this happen and Jesus tells them. Jesus gives the disciples INSIDE INFORMATION to prepare them for circumstances that lie ahead. This INSIDE INFORMATION, as we all know is usually given with intent  to enhance the chances or guarantee your victory. If a player is playing poker and every round they are informed of everybody’s cards, it will surely increases their chances of victory. This ridiculous analogy explains the advantages of having a personal relationship with God. God gives his people INSIDE INFORMATION.

Last week I shared the story of God revealing to me INSIDE INFORMATION concerning a job I sought after. The INSIDE INFORMATION was that God reserved that job for me; which explains the inexplicable vacancy. Despite the odds, negativity and the appearance of me not receiving the job, I had this INSIDE INFORMATION. After, receiving INSIDE INFORMATION, the people of God must then have faith to trust a God whom never fails, whom speaks and the words become. We have to understand that God will be God in July 5th 2013 and he will be God July 5th 2014. This simply means God is in our beginning and our end.

Revelation 22:13
“I am the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End.”

As my great Bishop Calvin Enlow said last Sunday “God sees farther ahead”. Therefore, he knows the outcome of our paths. This is reason the bible says “lean not unto thine own understanding”. We can only see July 5th 2013, but God sees July 5th 2014 and that is the reason we must have faith in him. Quoting my Bishop, “[As smart as most of us are with degrees, masters, and just plain intelligent people; we can’t trust in our own knowledge or thinking. God is greater. When some of us are ready to give up, God tells us to hold on because our victory is around the corner.]”

Reading the bible there are so many examples of God giving his people INSIDE INFORMATION. The famous King David knew he would be king, this is INSIDE INFORMATION. Therefore, when the present King Saul sought to destroy him, he had to learn to have faith in this INSIDE INFORMATION. King Saul tried to kill David numerous times and even got inside information about David’s location. God demonstrates his greatness by revealing to David the INSIDE INFORMATION Saul received. People of God we need to realize we maybe surprised, but God is never surprised. Only God holds INSIDE INFORMATION.

God gave me INSIDE INFORMATION in 2013. After, my first week at school, I began to think about how I would do after a four year layoff from college. I set a goal for myself stating I want two A’s in my two classes. God spoke to me the next morning as I woke up saying to myself “I been conditioned”. I thought to myself “conditioned???”

Then I remembered the last three months of last year God instructed me to study his bible. So, I would work then find a place to study the bible. Most of my week was work then studying the bible and even the weekends I mostly studied the bible. After, my first two weeks at school I realized I had the same routine except I was doing school work. Unknowingly, God conditioned or prepared me for school, as I didn’t make the decision to return until late January of the next year. So now I had already developed the habit of studying, which aided to my two A’s I received.  

Without God’s INSIDE INFORMATION, it would’ve been a struggle to develop the habit of studying. Sometimes we ask God for guidance, when simply obeying his words and serving him will lead you to where he is taking you. I had no plans of school or anything, but God saw the plans. He knew I would have a desire to return to school in January 2013 so in October of 2012 he told me to study his bible. Is God not AWESOME? YES YES YES!! God sees ahead trust him. Also, as I almost left out, I will never leave God out of my routine because he’s the sole reason I returned to school. So I seek God before anything I do.

Matthew 6:33
But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well”

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  1. Amen!!! This is awesome. Love it that God will give us the inside scoop without us realizing its the inside scoop. What a mighty God we serve!!!