Friday, June 7, 2013

Fellowship Friday: You're in Control

The story of David teaches so many lessons. One thing I love about the bible is that its message can affect each person differently. The reason is we all have different lives, minds, hearts, problems and accomplishments. Also, the bible, no matter how many times you read something in it; you can always learn something new. God word says blessed are they that hunger and thirst for righteousness for they shall be filled. This means God will open your understanding the more you read his word and seek him.
            David was running from Saul whom sought to kill him. God told David the people he lived with would deliver him to Saul. So David left that place and dwelled in the wilderness, a place of abandonment, lack and hardships. Most miss the fact that the wilderness was a miracle, because it saved David from death.
            I can relate to this wilderness. Life sucks in a wilderness and it feels as a cycle without an ending. I can relate, because in 2012 I was without a car the whole year, and I had to walk to work. It was an hour both ways. Walking alone at night and early in the morning was extremely tough. I had to get in God’s presence every day. I needed God to help battle my thoughts that were tearing me down, causing me to feel worst and worst. I had to learn as David did, that GOD IS IN CONTROL.
            The fact is the wilderness was a miracle. God told David if he stayed, he would be destroyed. If I hadn’t gone through that experience of 2012, I would not be returning to school this year which was my desire. My wilderness in 2012 taught me how to trust God, hold on his word and lift God higher than my problem. Fact is I had some challenges in 2013 I wouldn’t have overcome had it not been what I learned in my 2012 struggle.
            David learned also that he may be struggling, but God is not. This simply means WERE NOT IN CONTROL God is. GOD CAN CHANGE A SITUATION IN A SPLIT SECOND. God showed David a sure ending to his agonizing problem, but didn’t want David to act on it. David in his men were in position to kill Saul, but David forbid his men to kill Saul and even repented for cutting a small piece of Saul’s robe. As Saul was in great position to be killed I’m sure David’s thoughts were on all of those days Saul searched to kill him, all of the people that betrayed him, all the many sleepless nights he had and times he questioned will he live another day due to Saul and God did not want David to kill him. God just wanted to show David how easily he can solve his agonizing problem. God caused Saul to sleep in the cave where David was hiding from Saul. God wanted David to continue to go through this trial to get in David’s heart I’m in control and nothing is too hard. God ultimately wants us to know he is in control so we can learn to TRUST HIM. TRUST GOD HE IS IN CONTROL. TRUST GOD HE IS IN CONTROL TRUST GOD HE IS IN CONTROL.
            Here is a verse that I held onto that got me through my struggle.
1 peter 4:19
Wherefore let them that suffer according to the will of God commit the keeping of their souls to him in well doing, as unto a faithful Creator

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