Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Transforming Tuesdays: Awesome Wonders

Do you ever wonder how the sun knows when it's time to rise? Do you ever know how the moon knows when its  time to come out and light up the nighttime sky? Of course it's all of God's doing which was addressed in yesterday's reading. As a little child I always found the sun and the moon to be amazing. I could never fully understand how the two worked, because they automatically knew either when to rise or when to set. 

Today's reading in Job 37 focuses on God's power through the use of the weather. The mighty force of God's power is seen through thunder, snow, hail, and rain. I always have to remind myself that weather is one thing that humans cannot change. Of course we can influence the weather through our neglect, thus causing global warming, but it is God who is in control of the weather. Just as God caused a flood for Noah in the Old Testament, he can influence the weather we have today. 

Just as Jael mentioned yesterday on Merciful Monday, we should start to appreciate the weather because it is little things like that, that constantly keep us in touch with God's power, grace, and mercy. He loves us so much that he can either bring us clouds to punish us, or water as a symbol of his love though the act of harvest. I remember as a little girl when it would rain, I would also think that God was crying. I hated the rain and I also hated the thought of God crying so I would automatically ask for forgiveness because I assumed he was sad because of something I did. Now that I'm older, maybe the rain isn't God crying but it's a symbol of his love. After the drought God always makes a way and allows us to reap harvest during our struggles; this just goes to show that in the end God always has our back. 

Allow the weather to be a constant reminder of the amazing power of God. When it rains know that it's God. When it snows know that it's God. When there's hail know that it's God. When the sun is shining know that it's God. When the moon is out know that it's God. When you try to count the stars know that it's God. When there are hurricanes know that it's God. In everything regarding the weather understand that its force comes from God. Although our neglect and unconcern for the Earth may negatively effect the weather, when it's all said and done God has the final say so. If it rains too hard we can't work, if it snows too hard you can't leave your house, if the wind blows too hard you have to stay indoors. That's how powerful God is! And because he is that powerful with the weather, God is just that powerful in your life. Always remember God's power in your life through the awesome wonders of how he works through the weather. 

FYI: I currently have sunburn, and so I know that although that sun was extremely powerful in burning my skin, God's presence in my life is even more powerful :) 

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