Tuesday, May 28, 2013

TRANSFORMING TUESDAY: If You Have A Problem, Jesus Is The Solution

We as people can be so judgmental at times. We point fingers at those who we label as "lost". We even point fingers although our situations are no better. We all do it at times; no one is exempt. One thing we should all stop doing is pointing the finger at other people's problems without offering a solution to that problem. Jesus will forever be a solution to any problem. The Bible tells us to cast our cares upon him.

Today's reading in Romans focuses on righteousness. The scriptures say that no one is righteous because we all sin and fall short. The only way we obtain righteous is through our faith in  Jesus Christ and this is made available to anyone who believes and that has always been the case. God is the God to everyone, which means his righteousness is available to all.

1 Samuel's reading focuses on the evil that we as humans partake in. As we know, none of us are perfect but that doesn't give us a pass to sin as we please. Although we are not perfect and we know that God is a forgiving God, we should still try to have some respect for him. We can't sin expecting God to forgive us just because. When we sin we also have to ask for forgiveness and we have to be sincere. We must try to be more like him which includes abstaining from sin. This includes the conscious effort of not placing ourselves in compromising situations. For example: 
  • If I have a drug problem, I should not be around those who do drugs
  • If I have an alcohol problem, I should not be hanging around bars
  • If I have a stealing problem, then I should not be around high priced merchandise or anything that will prompt me to steal
The truth is we all need Jesus and he never turns away from us; we turn away from him. According to Psalms 57 he provides shelter, protection, love, and faithfulness. Whenever we cry out for him he is always there. I am almost positive that anytime anyone of us has cried out for his name, he has come to our rescue. He has protected us from evil and even enemies. The fact that you are still here is testament to his protection. This world is not getting any better. It seems as if no one understands the value of life. People are killing one another and themselves. Through all the chaos, God's love remains the same. So if you have a problem in your life, I know the solution!
Are you:

If you are any of these trust me when I say, I know the solution: Seek Jesus with your WHOLE HEART <3 

If you need prayer please do not hesitate to send in your prayer requests on our "Prayer Requests" tab. We are all here together to help one another. The Bible says in Matthew 18:20, "If two or three are gathered together in My name, there am I in the midst of them."

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  1. AMEN!!! Great reminder that Jesus is always the solution!!!