Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Transforming Tuesdays: God Rewards The Good & Faithful Servant

Have you ever done a good deed? Often times these are things that we don't even want to do but do anyway. That's called sacrifice! It's such a good trait to have. What about the things that you do because you are expecting something good in return? We all do it, but it's not right. We should do things out of the goodness of our hearts and if we are blessed by it, then so be it and if not, then oh well life goes on.

Today's reading focused on faithful servants. This is a place where we should ALL strive to be! Why? Because God rewards faithful servants. Today on my way home from class I was thinking about all of the tragedies that have been happening today and I immediately became frustrated. What happened to the value in life??? What happened to people doing good because that's the way they were brought up? The high disregard for life often makes me drop to my knees in my morning prayer sessions and honestly this goes beyond the recent Boston bombings...everything seems to be getting worse. However, through it all God continues to show his face the only problem is, that people only seek him when things are out of control. What if we seek God when things are great? This way, when things get bad (because they will), we'll be comforted to know that God was there all of the time. 

God rewards good deeds and we all like rewards. What rewards do you constantly encounter?

  • If you study, you get a good grade
  • If you perform great at work, you get a bonus
  • If you do your chores, you get money
  • If you're a humanitarian and volunteer in your community, you can receive a reward
The list can go on. Rewards are always an incentive to do well, and we know that the idea of receiving something in the end is not always a bad thing. The issue comes when people begin to grow frustrated at the speed of the reward. We're so used to a microwave society that we expect expect expect expect, yet we don't even gift half as much as we expect. That doesn't even make sense, because if you're supposed to get out what you put in, then I guess you're not getting a lot. But that's when God comes in!!!

What happens when you're rewarded while serving God's kingdom??? Everybody knows that when God comes into the picture, everything is sooooo much better. Even when it's bad it's better that's how amazing he is. Here are a few testimonies that I know of from friends when they put God first:
  • If you study and pray, you'll be accepted into the top university of your choice, no matter your financial situation or academic situation.
  • If you pray before work and go above and beyond, you get a promotion. Someone I know who is fresh out of college landed her dream job and after less than six months working there, she received not one, but two promotions.
  • If you do your chores and read your Bible before bed, you'll receive a full scholarship to the school of your choice that will allow you to further your education.
  • If you volunteer in your community and bring people to God, you're name can become on the next ticket ballot for mayor of your city.
I don't think people really understand how imperative it is to have God at the foundation of your life. With him, all things are made new and on top of that, his blessings have NO limit. I can't even begin to count my blessings because I am too afraid that I might miss some. I know that I am in perfect health, I am not wealthy but I don't want for anything, and I have perfect peace. Also, I know that no matter how rocky the road of life gets, I'll remain blessed.

In Acts, Tabitha was a woman who believed in God and always did things for people. She was a lady with a kind heart and unfortunately she passed away. However, before her burial she was brought back to life by Peter. Acts 9:39-41. Then there was Rahab who was a prostitute whose life was spared during the fall of Jericho because she hid spies. Joshua 6:22-23. Then there was Job who kept his hope alive because he feared God. He knew that God wouldn't let anything happen to him.

Don't let anyone get in the way of doing what you were called to do. God rewards his servants and one thing you would hate to do is miss out on a reward bestowed by God. I remember when I was a little girl my mom would always tell me, "Be careful what you do today and how you speak to people. You never know, you might encounter an angel. Always be ready to present yourself to the world." As a little girl I always thought she was doing the most lol. Now that I'm older her words are golden. There are times when we are tested. You never know how much you can impact the life of someone by simply extending a hand....try it!

I know for me, last Thursday I wasn't having the greatest morning. I was very grumpy because I've been stressing lately, however that did not stop God from using me and taking me out of element (so I thought). I remember two of my friends were having interviews for an amazing program and they wanted prayer that they would get it. I remember coming upstairs to wish them good luck before the interview and they were like let's pray. In the back of my mind I'm like that's a great idea!!!...as long as I'm not the one praying out loud lol. Unfortunately after arguing for about 2 minutes as to why I wasn't going to be the one praying, I was unanimously selected and I had to lead the prayer. I was so nervous because these were friends who've never been to church with me although they know my love for God. Nevertheless, I led the prayer right there in the library of the school...I didn't mumble, I didn't speak under my breath, I spoke loud enough for people to know who I was praying to, what I was praying for, and why. I felt liberated!!! I submitted (as Jael said yesterday) and allowed God to use me. No one knew what the moment did for me, but I felt like it added the fuel to my fire within. That was another thing that I had conquered. Now I don't know what my reward will be for allowing God to use me, but I don't care. The greatest reward at that moment was the fearlessness that transpired during that moment.

Today's challenge: Do something you wouldn't normally do today. Allow God to use you!!! This can be through the form of a smile, a hug, listening to someone's problems, paying someone's food at dinner, or calling an old friend who has been on your mind. When you work for God, it doesn't take too much out of you before you realize that everything that he asks of you is doable.
It's never too late to TRANSFORM YOUR TUESDAY!!!


  1. Awesome Jamera!! Thank you for this reminder and for the testimony!!!

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