Sunday, April 14, 2013

Salvation Sunday: Step up with boldness

Are you walking in Gods plan? Are you following and listening to God?

Today's reading in acts deals with stepping out in boldness. The author requests that we would be granted authority to speak out in boldness. Another question was for his people to perform miracles and step out in the path decided by God. Now, this weekend some of us went to Battle Cry. I had personally had an awesome time. God moved and I got some blessings. The theme of this weekend was relentless pursuit. Now, with this theme, the speaker talked about how Jesus pursues after His children with no hindrances. Now it is time for us to pursue God without any distractions or hindrances. Once we listen to God and let Him take control, he will start to reveal your purpose to you. Through the reading of His word, he will reveal and call you to a certain purpose. So then the next question is are you acting out in His plan? Are you trusting God? It's time to trust God and speak in boldness. It's time to put your faith into action. God is wanting his people to rise up in boldness. Some of the speakers said the fire that is being rebirthed within us needs to carry out where ever we go. This should become apart of our lifestyle.

I encourage and challenge you this week to walk in boldness and live it as a lifestyle. The prayer for this post is God I want to say what you want me to say. I want to go where you go. I want to pray what you pray. God, I want to be your open vessel.

Stay blessed!!
Salvation Sunday: Steven Gable

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