Sunday, April 7, 2013

Salvation Sunday: Giving Honor to God

What a wonderful day it is today. Want to thank God for the beautiful weather and the sunshine.  Today's reading deals with giving honor and glory to the ones who deserves it. God talks to the Israelites about making sure to give honor and praise to God because He is the one that brought them out of the wilderness. Deuteronomy talks about remembering who is the one who saved us. We need to remember who brought us from the sins and the past that we have been delivered from.

I know that for myself I am constantly thanking God for all that He has done. The fact that I am in my last year of school and have not taken a semester off because of finances is all because of God. The fact that I do not deal with low self esteem issues anymore is because God delivered me from that mindset. Make sure that you are constantly thanking God and giving honor to the Lord. At the scene of the crucifixion, the ones that ridiculed Jesus realized that He is the Messiah. They realized that He is the Master and the Savior. When they realized that, they praised Him. You want to make sure that you give honor to God before it's too late.

Every blessing is given by God.  Every day that we get to live and breath is a blessing from God. So, through this week, I challenge you to give honor to God and just remember  what God has brought you from.

Stay blessed!!
Salvation Sunday: Steven Gable

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