Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Transforming Tuesdays: Feed Your Faith & Starve Your Fear

Have you ever wanted to do something so bad but never knew where or how to start? It’s like a burning desire to do something so great but then you’re overcome by the fear that it just won’t come out the way you envision it.  Trust me I’ve been there…actually I feel like I’m always there.  Something that I’ve had to learn is that fear is toxic.  It’s toxic to my body, my health, and my emotional state.  The crazy thing about fear is that it’s usually an ant in terms of our problems, but it looks like a huge shadow of an ant instead when we have to do something we've never done before. 

I remember in high school I wanted to feed a homeless shelter for Thanksgiving and because I didn’t have the money I knew I would need other people. I had one of my guidance counselors, assistant principal, and a new school group behind me. I had the support, I just had one problem: Thanksgiving was like less than a month away.  Everyone knew my plan so it wasn’t a secret but because everyone was so worried about the success of the initiative within the time frame, everyone tried to talk me out of it.  Me being the person that I am, I immediately become more driven when people doubt me so I knew I had something to prove; not only to myself but to the children who weren't going to experience Thanksgiving that year.  I was so afraid because there was a possibility that it wasn't going to work, but I remember praying like crazy because I knew God knew my heart and what I was trying to do.  Well let’s just say I made numerous phone calls, made emails, and sent out letters.  The Friday before Thanksgiving, I had a room full of people including the school principal, the superintendent of the school district, a local newspaper, faculty of my high school, and a teenage group home, along with my family and friends!!! I was beyond blessed to have the support and surplus of food and drinks that were ALL donated from supermarkets and restaurants in New Jersey. 

Moral of the story: It’s so easy to get discouraged because our problems look so much bigger than our abilities.  In reality, FAITH is so much bigger than fear.  God has given us all different talents and abilities and he has certainly given us all the same access to FAITH so why can’t we use it? 

Jesus’s disciples in Matthew 14 struggled to feed a multitude of people.  They immediately saw a group of people who were greater than their ability of access to food.  They were with Jesus in the flesh and still doubted their own FAITH!!! I don’t get it, but then I remember they’re no different from you and I.  I doubt my abilities all the time without realizing that when I do this I’m doubting God too because he has already instilled those abilities in me.  Sometimes God tests our faith and I am most certain he did that with his disciples.  When Jesus was done working his miracles he had 12 baskets of food left after feeding 5,000 people with 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish.  The disciples wanted the people to go away so that they could go to their villages before dark to buy food, however Jesus made sure that they ate.

Some things in life we just shouldn’t worry about.  If you trust God like you say you do, then you should be able to command fear to leave your dwelling place (meaning your mind and your body).  Start letting your FAITH do the walking and the talking.  Think about all of the great people who we consider in this world…most of things that have happened to them came from a vision and with vision comes belief.  Honestly, if you can’t see yourself doing it then how can you really do it? 

Now back to my original comment… You ever want to do something so bad but never knew where or how to start? It’s like a burning desire to do something so great but then you’re overcome by the fear that it just won’t come out the way you envision it.  Don’t let fear hinder you because nothing good comes from it.  God has your back so you should know he’ll show up and as always, he’ll show up.  As long as your goals are within God's plans for you, then nothing can stop you. 

LEARN TO FEED YOUR FAITH AND STARVE YOUR FEARS.  You do this by doing the things that you can see yourself doing and speaking things into existence.  The Bible says that words have power so why not give power to positive things???  Forget about everything that is going wrong around you and think about everything that is going right around you.  I know so many people doing so many great things right now and I can only attribute their current success to them FEEDING THEIR FAITH AND STARVING THEIR FEARS.  I know a few high school students moving on to college, friends with jobs that they are probably not the most qualified for, friends with their own businesses, and even someone who is running for mayor!!! These are just a few examples because the list can go on. 

With that being said…when you’re in the dark with no direction fear looks gigantic like the shadow of an ant.  When you have direction from God, support, drive, and determination…it’s like the light comes on and fear isn’t as big anymore!!! Go out and get what you want because God has your back! As my mom says, “He has called you as a such a time as this!”

I’m learning to feed my faith and starve my fears… 

Israel Houghton - "Our God"

"And if our God is for us,
Then who can ever stop us
And if our God is with us,
Then what can stand against..."

Be blessed!
Transforming Tuesdays - Jamera


  1. I always enjoy personal stories as they give more insight, allows the knowledge we learn from bible to become tangible or applicable to our own lives. Thanks Jamera

  2. Awesome Jamera!! There are so many things that blessed me. For one, I loved the personal story. And the other thing is that fear will have us second guessing ourselves and talking ourselves out. I know personally I have to work on doubting the God and the gifts He has blessed me with. In addition, I really liked how you said to command the fear to leave. I've never thought about it in that case. Thank you!!