Sunday, March 3, 2013

Salvation Sunday: All I Need

Have you ever been through a trial and have asked God what am I to do? Have you ever said God, I need something from you? I remember this one song, which I loved, and it's called "Speak to my Heart" by Donnie McClurkin.  It's so powerful because it's asking God to speak to a person. It's asking for God to speak one word.

In today's readings, Matthew 9:20-22 deals with this idea of just one word from God. There was lady with an issue of blood and she was in the crowd where Jesus was. She knew what He could do and who He was. She knew that He has healed people within the blink of an eye. She was tired of this disease and wanted that complete healing. I don't know if this is case but I'm guessing that she tried going to different doctors and physicians to try to get an answer but no one could help. So, she was desperate and was crawling in the crowd. Then, she said if I could just touch the hem of His garment. Talk about faith being put into action. This woman had a disease that no physician or doctor or professional could even take care of. She just wanted to touch the hem of the garment to receive the healing. Isn't it crazy that all she needed was to touch the hem of the garment? She didn't even touch his body or anything like that. All she needed from God was a touch. Her faith allowed her to receive what she needed.

I think that one word from God is powerful. The song, "One Word", is powerful and so true. All we need God is one word. Do you know that one word from God can change the environment that you are apart of? Look at the incident with the disciples on the ship. The disciples are trying to everything they can to save themselves.  When Jesus came up, all He did was say Peace be still. Once He said that, everything was calm and the winds obeyed the voice of God. If that is not powerful, then I don't know what else can be considered as powerful. I know for myself that I've been dealing with confidence issues and not trusting in God to allow Him to move me forward.  I've allowed my insecurities to block me from serving God completely.  Through this, God would tell me to do something and I would doubt it because of that confidence issue. The excuses would be coming out trying to discourage myself. But, then one week, I received this one word through the whole week. God kept asking me what are you waiting for. I've given you everything that you need and even more. What is the issue? Once I heard that word, I was convicted right then and there. From that time, I started to put my excuses to the side and just have been trusting God completely so He can have His way.

So, through this week, I challenge you to trust God and ask Him for what you need. If you're going through trials, depend on God and ask Him for what you need. Just like Brittney said, if you don't ask, then you won't have it. So, I encourage you to trust God and ask Him for what you need. Ask Him for that one word.

Stay blessed!!
Salvation Sunday: Steven Gable

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