Friday, February 1, 2013


Difficult times come. Yes, they come even to the best Christian's or servants of God. In our reading today we found that both servants of God were in precarious situations. Joseph was in prison and Jesus was detainment.
    Jesus was being accused of perverting the nation with his doctrine and many other false reports. The crowd that detained him brought him to their leaders to seek judgment. The leaders questioned him and found no fault, yet to appease the people they mocked him and chastised him. These people cried for his judgment calling for crucification. Is this a difficult time?

    Joseph was in a dungeon. This is an underground prison. It doesn't say much about his life down in prison except he was blessed and he had a trusted role in prison. Yet he was still in PRISON. When he was called out of prison for Pharaoh's urgent matter it said he groomed first. He shaved himself and changed his clothing. Urgency requires acknowledgement promptly before anything, but Joseph in a dungeon for an extended period of time was probably so grotesque he had to get cleaned first. That says something about how he was living. Was this a difficult time?

    Yes, both were difficult situations but God is noticed in both. With Jesus he wisely answered Pilate when questioned and then did not answer Herod when questioned though he was more eager. This is called discernment; God helped Jesus discern which leader to answer. The one leader who appeared friendlier, approachable, and happier to see Jesus that is the one he did not answer. In end we learn this leader is the one that mocked Jesus and chastised him.

    With Joseph he even knew God was still with him in dungeon as when he answered Pharaoh he told him that God will give Pharaoh an answer. Joseph acknowledged that it was God using him, helping him and not his own ability to interpret dreams. So God helped Joseph interpret Pharaoh's dream and we know Joseph was tremendously increased after. He became second in command in the kingdom.

    In difficult times God is still with us. We just have to recognize him. In testimony section of this website I talk about my time without a car, it was difficult but God was with me. Every morning I was tired yet as soon as I placed my feet out of bed energy came to walk to work, strength came, and times my body felt too weak to walk rides randomly came (God's blessing).

If you can't recognize him, ask God to show you his hand. Ask him where are you helping me? Where are you keeping me? In my time without car I asked God, show me your still with me one night and as my prayer ended someone intervened asking me if I needed a ride. God demonstrated throughout 2012 he was with me in my difficult time and if you have God in your life he's with you.

Psalms 32:7
"Thou art my hiding place; thou shalt preserve me from trouble; thou shalt compass me about with songs of deliverance. Selah."

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  1. This is awesome!!! Its funny cause a lot of times God will bring us out and we won't recognize who is really doing the work. Thank you Christian for the reminder to constantly recognize God and acknowledge Him in everything that goes on.