Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Do you know what a façade is?  A façade is a disguise and it is used to conceal the truth.  Not everyone can see past facades, which is how many people fall victim to so many traps.  Do you put on a facade out of fear that you'll be judged if you don't?

In Luke 21 we learn about the end times as well as the intent of the heart.  In the beginning of the chapter we see a yearning of acceptance of Christ.  There is a widow who offers two small coins while the rich people gave their more expensive possessions.  As it turns out, Jesus ended up appreciating what she had given more than what the rich people had given, because it was all that she had.  This goes to show us that as long as we are willing to submit ourselves and give our last to God, that it can be used to his glory.  Not only that, but as Christian pointed out last Friday, God acknowledges effort and with effort comes sincerity.  The widow was poor and gave her last; on the outside it didn’t seem like much, but on the inside it was everything.  This is exactly why God is the ultimate judge.  He can see the intent of the heart and he can see past facades.  These aren’t just facades of the rich, these are the facades of me, you, and you too.  These facades are put into play when we are in church and hesitant to pay tithes, when we are among the homeless and don’t want to give, or even when we are deceiving someone who we call a friend.  God sees this, because he’s constantly fixed on our hearts.

Jesus also warns them about the end time.   He talks about people coming and claiming to be the Messiah and other false prophets.  Once again people will put on facades just to claim to be something that they are not.  He also makes mention of earthquakes, and nations going against nations.  We have already seen this especially within our generations.  America is at war with Iraq and then some; Haiti and Japan recently had life changing earthquakes.  What more evidence do we need that the end is near? We don’t need much because it’s soon believe it or not.  Outside of those signs, Jesus says that his followers will be prosecuted for believing in Christ and for spreading his gospel.  In the process, they will be hated and betrayed.  At the end of it all God makes it so that his children are not hurt.  Not a hair on your head shall parish.  This is because he is the ultimate judge!!! This struck me hard because I, being a very loyal person, struggle with accepting betrayal.  But what makes this even crazier is that I betray God all the time.  I betray him when I don’t pray, when I don’t tell others of his goodness, or even when I lack faith.  The same thing that I want from others, I can’t even give to God.  That is definitely something I have to work on.

In Genesis 38 we are introduced to the story of Judah and Tamar.  Judah had two sons: Er and Onan who had wicked ways and were ultimately punished by God. Er was married to Tamar but God killed him because he was evil.  After his death Judah made Onan marry Tamar and produce a son for Er’s heir.  Onan didn’t really want to and because of his evil ways he too was killed by God.  At this point Judah thought it was Tamar and he sent her back to her father.  Once we have rejection we have facades.  Er and Onan were wicked men and God being the ultimate judge handled them accordingly.  Tamar even put on a façade as acting as prostitute and having Judah sleep with her to get herself pregnant.  Because he’s human he didn’t see through her façade, but God did.  However, God being the judge, he allowed her to live and conceive twins. 

I think that when it comes to God we have to remember that he is the ultimate JUDGE.  He decides our fate and more importantly he sees through our facades.  He sees through the facades of everything.  Living in the end times where we constantly see signs of those mentioned in the Bible, we have to come from behind our facades and live life wholeheartedly.  This means giving glory to God and declaring him our Lord and Savior even when people don’t agree.  At the end of the day no weapon formed against me shall prosper, because God is my JUDGE so whom shall I fear (as Guest Blogger Glen stated)?  NO ONE that’s who!

I challenge you to take off your facade today and spread the gospel of Christ.  This can be something simple such as posting on any of your social networks something that you are thankful for. This shouldn't be hard since God woke you up so that you could read this post :)

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  1. Dang!!! Snap snap!!! This is mad deep!!! I really loved the part about how not a hair on your head shall perish. I think it's awesome that God isn't going to allow the smallest hair on your head to be harmed. Definitely going to work on removing whatever facades that I have put up. Thank you jamera!!!