Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Are you ready to do what God wants you to do? Are you ready to accept his blessings in disguise or even ready to turn away when you are tempted?

In today’s reading, Jesus talks about being ready and being willing.  Luke 12:32 speaks of being ready when the master comes.  What does being “ready” mean?  The bible defines “ready” as being fully prepared.  I think that preparation is one of the most important tools that you need in life.  Preparation means planning and planning sometimes means success.  One saying says that if you do not plan for anything you plan to fail (something like that).  Sometimes that is not true.  We can prepare so much for certain things, but that doesn’t mean that we are actually prepared.  For example, I can prepare so much for an exam, but if I don’t know how to actually study, then my preparation means nothing.

Luke 12 talks about when the master comes home and says that the servants should be watching.  Jesus is our master and his followers (us) are his servants.  We should be watching and waiting and anticipating for his return, meaning we should be prepared for his return.  But let us not forget that Matthew 24:36 states, “"No one knows about that day or hour, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father.”  Once again as much as we think we prepare for his return, it doesn’t necessarily mean that we are fully prepared.  He wants us to be ready in our darkest hours, in our brightest hours, in ANY and EVERY hour.

Being ready also means being ready for things such as temptation.  Have you ever been tempted to do something that you thought was wrong? I’m sure you have especially since we were born into a world of sin and our flesh is weak.  In Genesis 22 it says that God tempted Abraham in regards to his faith.  He pushed Abraham to see if he would be willing to sacrifice his own son because of his faith in God.  Abraham passed the test and was blessed for his faith and obedience.  Abraham like the servant was ready and prepared for God.  Being ready also means if you are ready to be blessed.

Being ready for God also means being ready when no one else is.  Luke 12 talks about the division in the family that occurs.  This made me think of my own situation with my own parents and the division that belief caused for me.  My mother is a devout Christian and my father is a Muslim.  I remember being a little girl and growing up with my father and being brought to the mosque, for me it was not a choice.  I have learned that being ready for whatever God wants for me meant standing alone in most situations.  What gave me peace was that I know where my help comes from.  There was even a time where my older brother was a Muslim and would question me about my faith.  I am so pleased to say that upon graduating college this past May, he has given his life to Christ.  If you ask him today, HE IS READY!!! ARE YOU?!

My Prayer Today:
Dear Lord please let me READY!!!
Let me be READY when you speak to me,
Let me be READY when you bless me,
Let me be READY to do the right thing when I am tempted,
Let me be READY to have courage when I am afraid,
Let me be READY when you place someone in my path for your purpose,
But most of all Lord, let me be READY when you come back for me!!! 

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  1. Yes got to be ready. Amen. I like the interjection of your personal story...as Bishop td jakes says "Get ready get ready get ready get ready"

  2. I like this a lot. And like Chris, I loved the personal touch at the end! Without God, all of our plans mean nothing, but with him nothing can stop us.

  3. Amen!!! I like the part about how we think we're ready but in reality we are not ready or prepared. Gotta prepare ourselves through His word.

  4. I love your testimony. I am striving to be ready when He returns. I am going with the Lord and bringing anyone I can with me. He is good.