Sunday, January 27, 2013

Salvation Sunday: What is Jesus to you?

As true Christians, we have a relationship with Christ. And therefore the question “What is Jesus to you?” can be answered differently by many people. Some people, who are not followers of Christ, do not believe that He is the Son of the living God or that He is Messiah. From other religions, they believe that Christ was a prophet but not the Messiah or the Savior of the world.  Jesus talks about this concept with his disciples in Matthew 16:13-20.  Basically, Jesus asks his disciples who do men say I am?  And Peter answers with a general some say that you’re a prophet and just a general response.  And then Jesus but whom say ye that I am? Basically, He is saying I know what others are saying who I am and I know that you know what others say about me. But, what am I to you? This is a very important question to answer for yourself as a Christian. 

Now, let’s look at two cases. The first case is in Luke 20.  At this point, Jesus has entered into the village and has been teaching the people the good word.  Now, the Pharisees get their religious suits on and ask Jesus for a verification of the authority that He has to preach the word. Now, Jesus is a beast in my opinion. Instead of answering the question, he asked them a question about John the Baptist.  He asked them where the authority of John the Baptist came from.  Now, the Pharisees knew they were wrong and answered saying they were not able to tell. But, then Jesus talks about the parable in Luke 20:9-19 with the vineyard lord.  This vineyard lord sent out servants to receive fruit from the husbandmen.  But, the servants got beat up and then he sent his beloved son. And the husbandmen took him out of the vineyard and killed him. Now, I find this interesting because once when He said this parable, the Pharisees knew what Jesus was talking about.  And in reality, Jesus is talking about His death and how His own people who trusted in Him killed Him and turned their backs on Him.  Through this, you see that Jesus, to the Pharisees, was a threat to their power and to their religious ways.  They did not see Jesus as the Savior of the world.  They may have known that He was the Messiah and the truth but did not want to accept Him because He was a threat to their own ways and did not want a change.

The psalmist David has a different approach in Psalm 27.  Now, he says that the Lord is my light and my salvation and the strength of my life. If he has Jesus, then there is no fear in the world.  According to David, everything we need is in Jesus.  He goes on to say that He is a provider because in verse 5, he says that He shall hide me in his pavilion.  Basically, God is the protector and the provider of His life.  Now, Hannah was talking about how to have peace.  In order to have peace, you need Jesus.  When you trust God and you know who He is to you, then you realize He has your back.  And that is when you get your peace.

As Christians, we have a relationship with Christ.  The true worshippers should be seeking God and having that relationship every day and not just on Sundays.  Do you REALLY know what Jesus is to you? Do you REALLY know who Jesus is? #1 Keep reading His Word. The Word of God is how we get to know God.  When you read the word, you know that no weapon formed against you shall prosper.  You know that he will never leave you nor forsake you.  And there are so many other scriptures that tell you who God is.  #2 Keep your prayer life going and increase your time with Christ.  Like I said, it is a relationship.  The only way to work on a relationship is talking. Our way to talk to Christ is through prayer. All prayer is talking straight to God. When you are praying and having a relationship, God will begin to reveal Himself to you and you will know who God is. Therefore, I challenge you to figure out who Jesus is to you.  Don’t think about only what He has done for you.  That is only a part of who He is.  Think about His qualities: his love, his grace and many more things. Have a blessed Sunday!!!
I know for myself that this song is a great representation of just a little bit of what Jesus is to me. For me, God is awesome, mighty, my deliverer, my protector, and so much more!!! Enjoy!!! "Awesome" By Charles Jenkins Fellowship
Salvation Sunday: Steven Gable

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