Sunday, January 6, 2013

Salvation Sunday: The Foundations of Life

Farmers have a lot to look at it when dealing with planting their crops. They have to look at the soil and they have to look at the weather and any other factors. As Christians, we need to have a certain foundation. One important foundation is faith. Faith is trusting in God that he will protect you and supply for you wherever you go. A way to increase your faith is reading Gods word. It's through this that you can trust God because you know who He is and what He can do.

With Genesis, Abram knew who God was but I believe that he had faith in God because He trusted God when he left his home. However, I believe that he didn't fully trust god at the time when he went to Egypt. When he got to Egypt, he told his wife to tell others that she is not his wife. He said this because he was afraid of what the Egyptians would do. Therefore the pharaoh took her in and as soon as that happened, God cursed Egypt with some plagues. The pharaoh asked Abram why he didn't say that she was his wife. And because of those around Abram were affected and they were sent away from them without having a seed planted into their life.

In Luke, Jesus talks about the process of outreach and spreading the word and love of God. He says that some will hit the ground and some will be eaten by the birds and some will just fall to the side. For the ones that hit the ground, some hit the rocks, some fell among thorns and some fell on good soil. Now this is in relation to Christians. There are some people who hear the word of God and are fired up. They don't have any foundation but they want to make a change in their life. But these people don't learn the word and are not using it to enhance their life. When hard times come, they don't know what to do and leave the church because they are not seeing the difference.
Now there are some that receive the word and are fired up but they are not surrounded or ready to surrender their will to God. They start to read the word and try to enhance their life but then they don't want to give up their old ways. Their past and the things of this world are too enticing for them to commit to the bible. They haven't made their decision about who they want to serve. And then there are those who are planted on good soil. They have received the word, they're on fire and they're accepting the word and fully trusting God to change and guide their lives. They use that seed to their advantage and allow God to change their lives. With the seed, they bring forth the fruit with patience. With this, they are waiting on god to fulfill what He promised. I know for myself that I will get excited and want to do things in my time. Sometimes I don't allow myself to wait on God to move and change my life.
Many times God is giving us a word and promises but we are still not fully trusting God as we are not waiting on Him to come through. We make things happen on our own and then they don't happen the way we expected. Therefore, the foundations of life are found through prayer and the word of God. The word of God will allow you to make the right decisions that will help you. And through learning the word and building your foundation, your faith will grow and increase. And then through your hard times in life, You will have something to stand on and be strong. Thanks be to God that when we are weak, He is strong. Therefore, continue to develop your foundation of life so you can fully blossom into your purpose that God has called you to fulfill.

Develop your foundation through God and not through the world!!!

Salvation Sundays: Steven Gable


  1. Amen, on continuing to build on the foundation by faith. Also, with patience bring forth fruit that is good.

  2. Thanks steven!! i am encouraged to be patient on the Lord, to read his word and apply it and to trust his will for my life =)

  3. I love the illustration. I will apply the Word of God and prayer everyday to my life that I may grow. Thank you.

  4. Thank you Steven for the encouragement to actively wait on the Lord while I develop my foundation. Like the parable of the house built on rock as opposed to the house built on the sand, we must be careful to have a sure foundation of faith! God bless you!