Friday, January 4, 2013


HOW does a rainbow come to be? I don't know maybe some atoms, particles, rain molecules mix somehow. But, a better question is WHO formed that beautiful rainbow? The Bible says it's a token of a covenant with man that God will not destroy all flesh with water by flood again. HOW did God make the rainbow? It doesn't say. 

Luke 17, talks about a centurion whose servant was near death and he sought out a man WHO he HEARD of, Jesus, and earnestly asked him to come heal his servant. Jesus complied and when he was close the centurion’s friends greeted him. The centurion's message to Jesus was, "I have authority and understand authority I know when I command of my servants they obey. So Jesus if you just speak the word my servant will be healed." At some point while Jesus was coming he understood WHO was coming was far greater than HOW he would do it. The Bible says that Jesus marveled at his faith, calling it GREAT FAITH. The Bible does not say what Jesus said in regards to the centurion's request to speak the healing words. After Jesus hears the message he acknowledges the GREAT FAITH and the next verse says the servants left and returned home to the healed servant. Are there prayers in your life you’re still waiting for? This story shows that the miracle was already on its way, but because of GREAT FAITH, it came sooner. The centurion had GREAT FAITH because he said to himself, “I’m trusting in WHO he is rather than HOW he will do it.” Sometimes when you focus on the HOW of a situation it causes you to doubt, have fear, and ultimately feel hopeless. In Luke 7, a widow’s son died and the funeral ceremony was crossing Jesus’ path. Jesus eventually raised the boy from the dead.  Jesus was nearer to this widow woman and the funeral party than the centurion.  However, the only difference was that this funeral party did not know WHO Jesus was so they did not know to seek him even though he was nearby. The centurion knew WHO he was because he heard of him. 

The insight that I gained from today’s reading is this: Christians, like centurion, make great efforts to seek God because we know WHO he is.  Also, this is the reason why we should tell the world WHO he is, because there are people WHO are in dire need to know WHO God is. These same people are suffering just as the widow did, and in reality, they do not need to because God is always there to save.  Furthermore, this is the reason why we must reflect God’s image in our own lives so that other people can see WHO he is!!!  Is there anybody in our lives WHO don’t know WHO God is??? WHO’s image are you reflecting???

WHO was God to Noah? He was shelter, guidance, strength, a provider of food, and family. WHO is God to me?  God is my strength, my confidant, my boldness, my patience, and above all else my everything.  WHO is God to you???

God never addressed the HOW in today’s reading.  He never once told us HOW the rainbow was made or HOW he healed the sick.  God just did it!!! Has God ever given you a vision and never told you HOW to do it??? I’m sure he has! Let’s attempt to live with GREAT FAITH.  

GREAT FAITH is taking the limits off of God just as the centurion did.  He believed that God could perform a miracle so great that God did not even have to come to his house.  His faith said that all God had to do was speak a word and he would be healed.  I took this as elevating your personal faith in God.  Have you elevated your faith in God lately??? Has it grown bigger than the size of mustard seed??  Is it bigger today than yesterday?  The bible says: in Psalms 4:2 “How long will ye turn my glory into shame?”  And Psalms 4:6 reads, “There be many that say, Who will shew us any good? Lord, lift thou up the light of thy countenance upon us.”

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  1. In 2012 I had no car and had to walk an hour to work and back. I started on 2nd shift walking around 1pm, then when promoted to 1st shift I feared HOW could I walk this early. From May on to late December I walked at 5:30 am. In retrospect I been without transport since August of 2011 to December 27, 2012. If you know me you should be saying HOW did Christian walk for so long? He's a slow walker and suffers minute injuries constantly. Looking back I don't know HOW, but yet I know WHO helped me through this tough time, motivating me every morning and providing energy and strength. It was my God.

  2. Christian, you have blessed me through the Word of God and through your testimony. You have truly inspired my faith. Thank you for being obedient to God and exemplifying "faith in action". The Lord is truly good to all people and I am seeking Him daily.

  3. I'm feeling this Chris...its not about HOW Jesus is going to do it, but its about knowing WHO Jesus is =)

  4. Chris, this is awesome!!!! Just like Sis McGinnis said, this has blessed me and it has encouraged me to increase my faith. It's about who does it. Love it!!

  5. Christian, your message is so true deciphering between knowing "HOW" is not faith and knowing "WHO" is faith. One must be able to put all their trust in Jesus and and forget the rest. This is most important aspect people tend to forget when building a relationship with Jesus. One must be able to walk by faith and not by sight!

  6. Nice, Christian! I'm really feeling the How vs Who! God Bless you!